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US Department of Transportation Says Nine US Airlines Made 'Significant Changes' to Improve Services to Passengers

09/01/2022 | 08:30am
(MT Newswires) -- The US Department of Transportation said Thursday that nine of the 10 largest US airlines have made significant changes to their plans to enhance services provided to passengers when their flights are delayed or canceled due to an airline issue.

The DOT said secretary Pete Buttigieg wrote a letter to airline chief executives two weeks ago, urging them to improve their customer service plans before the publication of a new airline customer service dashboard, intended to be published before Labor Day.

No airline unconditionally guaranteed meal vouchers or hotels before the letter, but now nine of the 10 do it, while eight of the 10 guarantee hotel accommodation when delay or cancelation is caused by an airline issue, the DOT said.

The Department said that the dashboard gives passengers information on the services and amenities they should receive from the companies in case there are delays or cancelations caused by a mechanical or staffing issue.

The DOT said it will hold airlines accountable if they do not provide the promised services.

American Airlines Group (AAL), Delta Airlines (DAL), United Airlines, (UAL), Hawaiian Airlines (HA), and JetBlue Airways (JBLU) obtained checkmarks in all categories for commitments for controllable delays and cancelations, the DOT said.

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