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S&P 500, Dow slip from record levels on Home Depot's dismal forecast
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Tuesday, 19 November
Kohl's, Home Depot forecasts quell pre-holiday cheer
1h ago - Retail heavyweights Kohl's Corp and Home Depot Inc sent a shiver through Wall Street on Tuesday, lodging weak results and annual forecasts that cast more doubt on the health of the U.S. consumer ahead of the crucial holiday shopping season.
Lower mortgage rates boost U.S. housing starts, building permits
50min ago - U.S. homebuilding rebounded in October and permits for future home construction jumped to a more than 12-year high, pointing to strength in the housing market amid lower mortgage rates.
Emirates wants new Boeing jet put through 'hell on Earth' in testing
2h ago - Emirates, the largest customer of Boeing's upcoming 777x aircraft, wants the plane to be put through "hell on Earth" in testing to ensure it is safe to fly and meets performance expectations, the president of the Gulf airline said on Tuesday.
Without a China trade deal, the U.S. will hike tariffs: Trump
5min ago - U.S. President Donald Trump said on Tuesday that he would raise tariffs on imports of Chinese goods if no trade deal is reached with Beijing to end a tit-for-tat trade war that has roiled markets and damaged growth worldwide.
Aramco IPO banks face pared payday of $90 million or less: sources
1h ago - After battling it out for a role in a giant IPO that promised to make history, and enduring delay after delay, investment banks advising Saudi Aramco are set to be rewarded with relatively slim pickings.
US companies stuck with lawsuits and investigations
2h ago - News include quite a few companies being investigated. California is suing Juul for promoting electronic cigarettes to teenagers, while the New York State Attorney General has started an investigation into WeWork. Meanwhile, Intelsat tumbles with the controversy over C-band, and the FTC confirmed yesterday that several investigations are underway among Internet players.
Optimism is peaking
3h ago - There is a peculiar atmosphere on financial markets, as the last "stock market month" of the year starts and after the November clearing that took place on Friday. Index volatility was low yesterday, with modest gains in Switzerland and the United States. So far, 2019 has been an excellent year for the stock market. Today, Wall Street is expected to rise, while the European stock exchanges progressed mid-session, following the respite granted by Washington to Chinese telecom giant Huawei.
S&P 500, Dow slip from record levels on Home Depot's dismal forecast
2min ago - The S&P 500 and the Dow Jones indexes retreated from record levels on Tuesday as dour forecasts from Home Depot and Kohl's eroded confidence that the U.S. consumer will support the economy.
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