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Ambipar Participações e Empreendimentos S A : Notice to the Market - Aquisição de 60% do capital social da ZCT Publicidade e Consultoria Ambiental LTDA. (“Triciclo”)

07/29/2021 | 08:19pm


Ambipar Participações e Empreendimentos S.A. ("Ambipar" or "Company") (B3: AMBP3) and Boomera Ambipar Gestão Ambiental S/A hereby inform its shareholders and the market in general that Ambipar has completed the acquisition of 60% of the share capital of ZCT Publicidade e Consultoria Ambiental LTDA. ("Triciclo").

Founded in 2014 by Felipe Lagrotta Nassar Cury, Triciclo's mission is to create technological solutions for the reverse logistics of solid waste, being a pioneer in the creation of a waste monetization system linked to a program of benefits, loyalty, gamification, marketing, and real-time control. It created three products (digital ecopoints) that today are national references: the "Retorna Machine" (post-consumption packaging collection), "Recicla Pharma" (collection of expired or unused medicines), and "Deixaki" (automated drop and go system for the collection of recyclables in large volume). All linked to the Triciclo System, granting the user cashback for use as credits in public transport, discounts on energy bills, access to culture, and others.

ZCT Publicidade e Consultoria Ambiental LTDA. ("Triciclo") is now Ambipar Boomera Environmental Machines S.A., with the purpose of accelerating its growth, enhancing the synergy with Grupo Ambipar and enabling a large scale operation at a national level, and in the medium term in Latin America and the entire American continent. The expansion plan for the coming months consists of massive investment in (i) the increase of digital ecopoints, (ii) the development of technology and new ecopoints, (iii) the integration of digital ecopoints with media and communication campaigns of private companies.

For Ambipar, this acquisition: (i) increases its service portfolio, as it now has an environmental monetization and loyalty program, as well as a scalable and technological digital ecopoints system; (ii) incorporates the know-how on the implementation of communication campaigns with a reverse logistics system; (iii) expands its possibilities in the carbon market; (iv) fortifies Boomera with waste capture for the manufacture of post-consumer products and (v) reinforces the pillars of environmental, social and economic responsibility, with direct impact to every citizen.

The Company clarifies that this acquisition will not be submitted to its shareholders for approval, nor it will give rise to withdrawal rights, considering that (i) it was carried out through its subsidiary, which is privately held; and (ii) the price paid for the acquisition does not exceed one and a half times the highest of the three amounts provided for in article 256, II of the Brazilian Corporation Law.

Additional information about Triciclo and its market:

Brazil recycles only 3% of its 79 million tons of waste generated per year, and the recycling potential of this total is up to 30%, according to the Brazilian Association of Public Cleaning and Special Waste Companies (Abrelpe).

Still, only 17% of the country's population is served by selective collection, according to a 2018 report prepared by the NGO Business Commitment to Recycling (Cempre). Most Brazilians are still unaware of how reverse logistics works. A 2018 Ibope survey identified that 66% of the population knows little or nothing about selective collection, and 39% do not separate their household waste.

Given this scenario, Triciclo was faced with the following challenges: how to create a collection system effectively accessible by the entire population? How can environmental education be carried out? How to provide incentives to citizens to participate in the reverse logistics system? How to achieve economic health with environmental and social results?


It was in response to this scenario that Triciclo created a system that uses digital ecopoints, which is scalable, innovative and generates cashback for citizens on social benefits such as public transportation, energy bills, discounts at bookstores, cell phone credit, and the possibility of donations to philanthropic institutions of great social impact.

Its first developed ecopoint was the "Retorna Machine", which combines simplicity, interactivity, and communication for post-consumption packaging collection. Also used as urban furniture, it receives investments from the private sector, which explores it as a media and environmental education tool.

Aiming to increase the range of waste to be collected, Triciclo has created "Recicla Pharma", which, besides being integrated to the tricycle cashback system, is aligned with Brazilian Decree No. 10.388/20, instituting a reverse logistics system for household medications that are expired or in disuse, for human use, industrialized and manipulated, and their packaging after disposal by consumers.

In this year of 2021, it began to operate its ecopoint: the "Deixaki". A housing container integrated with drop and go system and cashback to collect electronic waste, plastic, metallic materials, glass, paper, cardboard, vegetable oil, among other recyclables.

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