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If you're not a Walmart fleet driver, you're losing at life

04/14/2022 | 10:16am

Our weekly satire is dedicated to one of the most courted professionals in the United States, Bob the trucker. Faced with an explosion of logistics needs, the world's largest retailer, Walmart, had to splurge to recruit experienced truck drivers.

The profession is sorely lacking in candidates, especially since the pandemic. So much so that the shortage of drivers is creating bottlenecks that are penalizing the business. To solve this, employers are looking to attract experienced professionals into their fold. And to do so, they need to offer them very good wages.

In 2020, the median salary for U.S. truck drivers was around $47,130, according to official data. At Walmart, where truck drivers' salaries were already known to be generous, they are now offering a starting salary of between USD 95,000 and USD 110,000. Not for beginners, that's no exaggeration, but for experienced truckers in the prime of their lives, well-versed in handling 18-wheelers.

Walmart is forced to set the bar very high at a time when other players are building a network of transporters. For example, Amazon has created an internal pipeline to redirect its employees into carrier positions. Meanwhile, Walmart's 12-week in-house trucking training program allows employees to obtain their commercial driver's license. The company covers the training costs, which amount to $4,000 to $5,000. Walmart even pays signing bonuses of up to $10,000. All of these initiatives enabled it to hire some 4,500 drivers last year.

Les chauffeurs Walmart reçoivent 100 000 USD par an
By Amandine Victor
© 2022
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