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EPR Properties : No turn-around in sight

11/23/2021 | 03:26am
Nicolas Aleksy
Contributor / Partner

Strategy published on : 11/23/2021 | 03:26

long trade

Entry price : 49.55$
Target : 55.1$
Stop-loss : 45.45$
Potential : 11.2%

Shares in EPR Properties show a positive technical chart pattern over the medium term. The timing to jump back on the rising trend seems good.
Investors have an opportunity to buy the stock and target the $ 55.1.


● The company presents an interesting fundamental situation from a short-term investment perspective.


● The company's profit outlook over the next few years is a strong asset.

● The company's EBITDA/Sales ratio is relatively high and results in high margins before depreciation, amortization and taxes.

● This company will be of major interest to investors in search of a high dividend stock.

● Over the last twelve months, the sales forecast has been frequently revised upwards.

● For the last twelve months, analysts have been gradually revising upwards their EPS forecast for the upcoming fiscal year.

● For several months, analysts have been revising their EPS estimates roughly upwards.

● Over the past twelve months, analysts' opinions have been strongly revised upwards.


● One of the major weak points of the company is its financial situation.

● The company's valuation in terms of earnings multiples is rather high. Indeed, the firm is getting paid 63.03 times its estimated earnings per share for the ongoing year.

● The company's "enterprise value to sales" ratio is among the highest in the world.

● Financial statements have repeatedly disappointed market stakeholders. Most often, they were below expectations.

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