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Stress is increasing

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08/15/2019 | 08:19 am
Opinion : Bearish under 2895 
Target price : 2830 
American stocks have again experienced a day of intense stress. The S&P500 dropped yesterday by 2.93%, one of the largest declines of the year after the August 5th drop (-2.97%). Fears of a possible recession in the United States have dampened investor sentiment. All the components ended the session in red like the GAFAs, all down from 2 to 3%.

On this day, a flood of statistics will be published. First, at 2:30 pm, retail sales, the PhillyFed index, productivity, unemployment registrations and the Empire State Index, then at 3:15 pm, industrial production and production capacity utilization.

Graphically, in hourly data, it is imperative that the index remains above the 2830-point line, otherwise new downward targets will be opened, the first of which will be 2780 points. A sudden recovery would be required, with a 2895-point overrun, to eliminate the risks of degradation, which is unlikely at this stage of the configuration.
Patrick Rejaunier
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