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Delayed USA - 09/19 11:17:58 pm

Increase of 0.9% in first exchanges

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08/26/2019 | 08:53 am
Opinion : Check out the trading range breakout 2822 / 2894 
The renewed commercial tensions led to a sharp drop in financial markets last Friday, as did the S&P500, which finished down sharply by 2.59% to 2847 points. China had initially announced the introduction of new tariffs, covering 75 billion imported US products and D. Trump had "replied" by considering an additional 5% increase in the tax on imported Chinese products, ordering American companies to find an alternative to Chinese production.
A lull is looming today, as the US President has indicated that trade negotiations with China will soon resume with a view to reaching an agreement.
The S&P500 index should therefore open up by 0.9%.

On the statistical side, orders for durable goods increased by 2.1% while the market was expecting 1.4%.

Graphically, the consolidation continues within the 2822/2944 points range. In hourly data, the 2894-point threshold will now serve as a pivot.
Laurent Polsinelli
Zonebourse.com 2019
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