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Veem Partners with Visa to Enhance Domestic and Cross Border Money Movement

10/14/2021 | 09:00am
Veem announced a collaboration with Visa. Now, over 400,000 of Veem's customers will have access to a new SMB Visa card program and digital money movement capabilities through Visa Direct, Visa's real-time2 push payments platform. Veem clients will have the ability to immediately generate and issue virtual Visa payment cards that can be used for business payments to third parties like suppliers, or for general business expenses. The card program, combined with Veem's existing spend management tools, will provide reconciliation and financial benefits to Veem clients, helping to digitize and streamline their manual processes. Veem is also using Visa Direct to enable its US clients to send money directly to a bank account or eligible Visa card in over 160 currencies. Visa Direct helps allow businesses to move money to billions of endpoints worldwide, facilitating fast, simple and secure digital domestic and cross border payments.
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