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The political context increases volatility

Mid-term Analysis published on 10/04/2019 | 10:17am
The demonstrations that began in Hong Kong last March and uncertainty about the outcome of the China/US trade dispute have been shaking the index for several months. Today, the Hang Seng is struggling to regain a dynamic reality and is suffering from this instability.

Since September, the index has dropped to 2.61%, strongly penalized by the underperformance of the real estate sector, as evidenced by the decline of the developers Wharf Real Estate (-9%), Henderson Land (-6.6%) and Hang Lung Properties (-6.5%).

In this challenging environment, a few values have performed well. This is the case of the Geely Automobile car company (+8.4%) whose title has recovered after being sanctioned by results that were disappointing a few months earlier. For its part, Sunny Optical Tech reacted positively to the transfer of customs tariffs on certain products Graphically, in daily data, the index follows a downward dynamic. It is moving below its main moving averages, continuing to move closer to its medium-term support at 25,290 points. Volatility remains very high and a future test of the support seems possible. A possible break could degrade the current configuration but does not constitute the preferred scenario to date
Alexis Colardelle
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