Vontobel Asset Management launches flexible global fund strategy with multiple return sources

10/28/2014 | 11:37am

Vontobel Asset Management has expanded its fixed-income offering by launching a global bond fund, Vontobel Fund - Bond Global Aggregate. This launch emphasises Vontobel’s commitment to expand its fixed-income business with assets under management of 10 billion Swiss francs, and to also make its global bonds expertise available to fund investors.

Maximising the potential return of traditional bond portfolios in the current macroeconomic environment remains challenging. Fortunately, the fixed-income universe is very diverse with multiple sources of value that change over time. This allows investors to broaden their investment universe and diversify across market sectors, investment themes and time horizons.

The actively managed Vontobel Fund - Bond Global Aggregate invests in government and corporate bonds, currencies, high-yield bonds and emerging debt. Vontobel’s accomplished portfolio manager Hervé Hanoune, Head of Fixed Income, aims to outperform the Barclays Global Aggregate Hedged, harnessing more than 20 years of investment experience and a strong track record in global bond management. At his former employer Amundi Asset Management, Hervé Hanoune headed the Global Aggregate Management team and successfully managed global-aggregate bond strategies worth around four billion US dollars.

"We aim to offer to our clients the best of the global fixed income universe in one fund. Our investment approach is designed to spot value wherever it exists to achieve positive returns. In addition, the boutique’s organisational setup facilitates an exchange of knowledge between our 14 investment professionals", comments Hervé Hanoune.


Fund domicile: Luxembourg
Fund currrency: EUR
Fund volume: 86 Mn. EUR (Oct 3rd 2014)
Management fee in % p.a: Retail share class: 0.8%
Institutional and HI share class: 0.4%
Performance fees may apply.
Benchmark: Barclays Global Aggregate Hedged
Share classes: ISIN
B: LU1112750929
H: LU0035745552
HI-USD: LU0278091383


Vontobel‘s mission is to protect and build the wealth our clients have entrusted to us over the long term. Specializing in active asset management and tailor-made investment solutions, we provide responsible and forward-looking advice. In doing so, we are committed to Swiss quality and performance standards. With their good name, our owner family has stood by these principles for generations. As of 30 June 2014, Vontobel held CHF 173bn of client assets. Around 1,400 employees worldwide provide first-rate, customized services for clients with an international focus. The registered shares of Vontobel Holding AG are listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange. The Vontobel families and the Vontobel Foundation hold the majority of shares and votes in the company. www.vontobel.com

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Important legal information: This document is for information purposes only and does not constitute an offer to subscribe for shares of the Fund. Subscriptions of the Vontobel Fund, an investment fund under Luxembourg law (SICAV), should in any event be made solely on the basis of the current offering prospectus, the Key Investor Information Document (KIID), the articles of incorporation and the most recent annual or semi-annual report (for Italy also the "Modulo di Sottoscrizione") and after seeking the advice of an independent finance, legal, accounting and tax specialist. Interested parties may obtain the above-mentioned documents free of charge from the representative in Switzerland: Vontobel Fonds Services AG, Gotthardstrasse 43, 8022 Zurich, the paying agent in Switzerland: Bank Vontobel AG, Gotthardstrasse 43, 8022 Zurich, the paying agent in Austria Erste Bank der oesterreichischen Sparkassen AG, Graben 21, A-1010 Wien, the paying agent in Germany: B. Metzler seel. Sohn & Co. KGaA, Grosse Gallusstrasse 18, 60311 Frankfurt/Main, from the authorised distribution agencies and from the offices of the fund at 69, route d’Esch, L-1470 Luxembourg. They may also download these documents from our website at vontobel.com/am. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of current or future performance. Performance data take no account of the commissions and costs charged when units are issued and redeemed. The return of the Fund may go down as well as up due to changes in rates of exchange between currencies.
An investment in a sub-fund of the Vontobel Fund carries various risks which are explained in the sales prospectus. In particular, we wish to draw your attention to the following risks:
Investments in riskier, higher yielding bonds are generally considered to be more speculative in nature. These bonds carry a higher credit risk and their prices are more volatile than bonds with superior credit ratings. There is also a greater risk of losing the original investment and the associated income payments.
Investments in derivatives are often exposed to the risks associated with the underlying markets or financial instruments, as well as issuer risks. Derivatives tend to carry more risk than direct investments.

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