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Short-term turn-around to the downside ahead

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Jordan Dufee

Strategy published on : 09/10/2019 | 03:17

short sell

Entry price : 77.8€
Target : 72.3€
Stop-loss : 81.6€
Potential : 7.07%

The recently observed upswing has shown some signs of exhaustion, which makes for good timing to employ a short strategy with a short term perspective.
Investors should open a short trade and target the € 72.3.


● For a short-term investment strategy, the company has poor fundamentals.


● The company returns high margins, thereby supporting business profitability.

● Over the last seven days, analysts have been revising upwards their EPS estimates for the company.

● Analysts have a positive opinion on this stock. Average consensus recommends overweighting or purchasing the stock.

● The stock is in a well-established, long-term rising trend above the technical support level at 75.95 EUR


● Financial statements have repeatedly disappointed market stakeholders. Most often, they were below expectations.

● With a 2019 P/E ratio at 25.45 times the estimated earnings, the company operates at rather significant levels of earnings multiples.

● For the last four months, earnings estimated by analysts have been revised downwards with respect to the next two years. 2019
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