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David Meurisse
Contributor / Partner

Strategy published on : 09/09/2019 | 10:11

long trade
Stop-loss triggered

Entry price : 109.55$
Target : 115.8$
Stop-loss : 106.9$
Potential : 5.71%

The recent downturn has taken Grand Canyon Education Inc shares close to a medium term support level around 108.77 USD. The timing for a long trade in the stock appears good.
Investors have an opportunity to buy the stock and target the $ 115.8.


● The company has solid fundamentals for a short-term investment strategy.


● The close medium term support offers good timing for purchasing the stock.

● Margins returned by the company are among the highest on the stock exchange list. Its core activity clears big profits.

● There is high visibility into the group's activities for the coming years. Outlooks on future revenues from analysts covering the equity remain similar. Such hardly dispersed estimates support highly predictable sales for the current and upcoming fiscal years.

● Historically, the company has been releasing figures that are above expectations.

● Over the last twelve months, the sales forecast has been frequently revised upwards.

● For the past year, analysts covering the stock have been revising their EPS expectations upwards in a significant manner.

● Analysts have a positive opinion on this stock. Average consensus recommends overweighting or purchasing the stock.

● The difference between current prices and the average target price is rather important and implies a significant appreciation potential for the stock.


● According to Standard & Poor's' forecast, revenue growth prospects are expected to be very low for the next fiscal years. 2019
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