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SIDUS HEROES: World's first AAA-title incorporating NFT and blockchain technology

12/13/2021 | 05:28am

SIDUS is the world's first AAA-title game, implementing a "play-to-earn" model that'll provide players ownership rights over all the in-game items. This further incentivizes them to play and progress through the game.

When it comes to cutting edge technology, not only is the gaming Industry at the forefront, but it remains the most open to new influences. And with blockchain technology offering a new dimension to gaming, games based on the new technology have followed. These games utilize the disruptive technology of blockchain that completely changes the way traditional games are played. In fact, these games take engagement to a whole new level with incentives on offer not only for developers but also the players. Thus, blockchain-based games single-handedly bring the concept of Play-To-Earn to the gaming audience, beyond the traditional idea of winners take all.

Even as the concept has been around for some time now, implementation has not really kept pace. From fraudulent offerings & rug pulls to low-quality products, this part of the industry is still in its nascent stage. Moreover, to experience the latest that is offered in traditional gaming, players must spend huge sums of money on gaming systems that may or may not be attainable for everyone.

Thus, the gaming industry, especially the blockchain-focused part of it still awaits a disruptor that can force the market to take risks and create some competition while setting a quality benchmark. Enter SIDUS HEROES, an upcoming title that seeks to do exactly that.


SIDUS is the world's first AAA-title game, implementing a "play-to-earn" model that'll provide players ownership rights over all the in-game items. This further incentivizes them to play and progress through the game.

Unlike traditional games, SIDUS HEROES has built player-driven economic systems which have a monetary value in the real world. This allows players to earn incentives via playing games, offering the best of both worlds.

The game is set in a new technologically advanced world where technology has merged with living beings. This has resulted in 12-tech based races representing different blockchains: Bitcoinone, Etheredus, Avalanya, Polkacyon and others. Players first choose their Hero. Then they can choose to travel the universe, explore neutral planets or take part in colonization. Sidus also has a variety of professions to choose such as scientists, hunters, builders, pilots, mechanical engineers, navigation officers, etc.

Team and Backers

SIDUS HEROES has adopted various technologies into its platform, and in order to make it all work, dozens of professionals from different domains have been roped in. In fact, the SIDUS HEROES team contains many skilled blockchain developers, having years of experience in DeFi and NFT products:*Dan Khomenko - Co-founder and CEO *Andrey Sudarikov - Co-founder and Creative Director *Dmitry Andreev - Co-founder and Art Director *Roman Povolotski - Co-founder and Game Producer *Djenan Ramchilovich - Chief Technical Officer *Antony Checo - Chief of External Affairs

Besides this, the platform has partnered up with:*PLAYDISPLAY: One of the fastest processive Augmented Reality App Development companies headquartered in Moscow. *Spaceswap: Unique aggregator aiming to create residual income through curated and expansive DeFi products. *NFT256: Arguably the largest NFT community unifying artists from all around the world. *NFT Stars: Blockchain-based NFT marketplace for top-rated creators.

Native Tokens: SIDUS & SENATE token

SIDUS HEROES gaming platform has two native tokens: SIDUS (the gaming token) and SENATE (the DAO or governance token) tokens. Players can purchase various NFT content in the ecosystem via SIDUS and SENATE tokens. However, in order to purchase plots of land or modular parts, players require SENATE token. With this currency, players can purchase accelerators and consumers that'll make their gameplay more efficient and productive.


The team behind SIDUS HEROES has released detailed details about allocation and distribution of both of its tokens SIDUS and SENATE. The token distribution chart for both the tokens is given below:

Total supply of SENATE tokens is 300,000,000. While it looks like the team has allocated a small amount to the public, we need to keep in mind that the general audience will also receive a portion from liquidity and ecosystem, making it the substantial one (42.5%). Other than that, Reserve Fund will also pave its way to general public via airdrops, prizes in the ecosystem.

Just like SENATE, the total supply of SIDUS tokens is 300,000,000. While the team has only allocated 2% to the public, the Ecosystem, as well as liquidity, will pave its way to the player audience.

SIDUS HEROES will conduct its IDO in December

The team behind SIDUS HEROES plans to conduct an IDO for its SENATE (DAO token) & SIDUS (in-game token) on 15th December. Moreover, the team plans to conduct the IDO on various launchpads, confirming their confidence in their gaming title. Interested investors can purchase the following tokens at Blokpad, Ignition, Trustpad, Spaceswap, Redkite, GameFi and Seedify. Details such as pricing, blockchain network and project valuation are given below:*Ticker: SENATE - Governance token *Blockchain Network: Etherium *Token Supply: 300,000,000 SENATE *Initial Project Valuation: $769,500 *Price: SENATE $0.18 *Ticker: SIDUS - In-game token *Blockchain Network: Etherium *Token Supply: 30,000,000,000 SIDUS *Initial Project Valuation: $769,500 *Price: SIDUS $0.0018

Final Thoughts

Blockchain-based gaming, although in its infancy is most likely to become mainstream in the gaming industry soon. Not only does it bring a totally new way of playing games, but it also incentivizes the user base, which hasn't been seen in the industry up till now.

While the concept is strong, offerings based on this technology have been lackluster. We've already highlighted the shortcomings in these offerings that restrict them from reaching a larger audience.

However, SIDUS HEROES tackles most of these shortcomings with a different approach, improving its odds of success hugely.

SIDUS HEROES is arguably the world's first AAA-title that incorporates blockchain technology and NFTs. Being an AAA-title, the game lives up to the expectations with solid gameplay, a multitude of options and sorted underlining. Offering a plethora of 'heroes' in a technologically advanced world, SIDUS HEROES can tap into a much larger audience just based on its game. Other than that, SIDUS HEROES has a strong backing from partners in various diverse industries and a team well-versed in the blockchain industry and its affiliated industries. In conclusion, SIDUS HEROES is a strong proposition that could become the first "major" blockchain-based game that can break a lot of ground in the industry.

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