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Total SE : A good level to buy

Nathan Houtch
Junior Analyst

Strategy published on : 09/22/2020 | 03:58

long trade
Stop-loss triggered

Entry price : 29.9€
Target : 32.37€
Stop-loss : 28€
Potential : 8.26%

The selling pressure regarding Total SE shares could subside shortly. In fact, the support area that is currently being tested around 29.7 EUR has come into play and could, at least in the short term, keep the downside pressure at bay.
Investors have an opportunity to buy the stock and target the € 32.37.


● In view of fundamental criteria, the company is among low performers as far as mid or long-term investment strategy is concerned.

● For a short-term investment strategy, the company has poor fundamentals.


● The current area is a good opportunity for investors interested in buying the stock in a mid or long-term perspective. Indeed, the share is moving closer to its lower bound at EUR 25 EUR in weekly data.

● The close medium term support offers good timing for purchasing the stock.

● The company has attractive valuation levels with a low EV/sales ratio compared with its peers.

● The company is one of the best yield companies with high dividend expectations.

● Analysts covering this company mostly recommend stock overweighting or purchase.

● The average target price set by analysts covering the stock is above current prices and offers a tremendous appreciation potential.


● As estimated by analysts, this group is among those businesses with the lowest growth prospects.

● The group usually releases earnings worse than estimated.

● The company's sales previsions for the coming years have been revised downwards, which foreshadows another slowdown in business.

● For the last twelve months, sales expectations have been significantly downgraded, which means that less important sales volumes are expected for the current fiscal year over the previous period.

● For the last four months, earnings estimated by analysts have been revised downwards with respect to the next two years.

● For the past year, analysts have significantly revised downwards their profit estimates.

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