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Smartpay : Be digitalised with Bank of Ceylon to prevent and stay safe during COVID-19 pandemic

04/08/2020 | 04:23pm

With the outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19) that has paralysed many parts of the world and caused our own country to also experience a severe uprising in infected persons, as a responsible corporate citizen, the Bank of Ceylon believes it is a timely initiative to educate all its customers on digital banking methods that allow you to conduct your immediate banking needs within the safety of your home or with minimal exposure to the adversities.

The bank believes that it has to take maximum possible precautionary measures to safeguard its employees, its customers and all its stakeholders. Bank of Ceylon assures to provide maximum possible service to assist the country's economy running in these difficult days. It is necessary to raise awareness and consciousness about self and everyone around.

All BOC branches including the head office have taken common precautionary methods by providing hand gloves and facemasks to security officers who are usually at the frontline of servicing area. Hand sanitisers and hand wash sinks with soaps are kept at all main entrances to the office premises and it is requested to use them before entering the premises. The bank kindly requests all customers to make use of this facility to ensure the safety of self and every other person.

It is also requested to be conscious about using elevators where it tends to get crowded too often in an air tight area. All elevators that are used in the bank are constantly cleaned with disinfectants and also hand sanitisers are kept in place for the passengers. Similarly, when using the bank's digital outlets such as ATM/CDM and CRM machines, customers are kindly requested to use hand sanitisers that have been placed near every machine. Hence it is essential to keep the branch lobby area and these digital outlets less crowded as possible and customers should maintain a minimum of one metre distance from one another and maintain patience.

BOC wishes to remind you that it is essential to keep your hands clean constantly either by using hand sanitisers or simply by washing your hands for a minimum of 20 seconds with soap and water. At the same time, it is also advisable not to touch your face especially nose, mouth and eyes.

The Bank of Ceylon, with its strong digital presence in online banking and mobile banking has empowered all its customers to get their banking transactions done at the comfort of their own home. The bank's mobile banking methods such as BApp and SmartPay mobile applications seamlessly replace cash usage, enabling its customers to carry out payments to merchants for the services they have obtained. Similarly, mobiles apps like SmartPassbook enable customers to keep track on their account balances and transactions providing the confidence and security. Therefore, it may not be necessary for customers to visit a branch for fund transfers, cash deposits or withdrawals, utility bill payments, and similar transactions. Therefore, the bank wishes to remind all its customers to make use of these banking facilities and limit being exposed to this adverse situation by visiting public places.

B-App can easily be downloaded on any IOS or Android enabled mobile device through the Apple App Store or Google-Play. The customer then simply has to submit the 'B-App' application to the nearest BOC branch where the account would be instantly made available.

SmartPay is introduced to process transactions using LANKAQR code - the national QR code introduced by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka which facilitates real time transaction and settlement in the country. Current and savings account (CASA) holders have the privilege of making payments using their smart phone at LANKAQR certified merchants. SmartPay app can be downloaded and self-activated by customers followed by a simple registration process. Through the same app, customers who wish to enroll as merchants under this system, can activate it by visiting the nearest BOC branch. With BOC SmartPay, customers can enjoy the convenience of cardless and cashless payments for their day-to-day necessities. SmartPay will facilitate merchants ranging from small to larger scale business ventures to accept transactions and enhance their sales turnover and business growth. The usage of QR code will eliminate high investment and maintenance cost associated with a Point-of-Sale device.

Currently BOC maintains over 1,800 ATM/CDM and CRM network that is spread across the country enabling cash mobilisation in the country 24 x 7. The bank maintains these areas constantly sanitised to ensure all customers who are attending these SmartZones and BOC Digi Centres are provided the required safety measures to prevent infection from coronavirus. Whilst taking all these precautionary measures the bank wishes to draw attention on use of currency notes and coins, as they tend to carry more germs in them due to the nature of its usage. Even though it is quite unavoidable to refrain from using cash notes and coins which are transferable from one person to another constantly, it is essential to wash and clean hands as soon as possible after use. This is one major reason for the bank to request all its customers to move into digital banking methods that completely avoids using cash notes and coins. Being a prime bank that caters to over 13 million customers of its own, BOC takes a greater responsibility in maintaining its banking services uninterrupted providing maximum support in times of need such as this pandemic situation. The bank humbly wishes to request the support of all its customers to adhere to all their precautionary methods to ensure their own safety and the safety of all Sri Lankans.

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