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Semapa : Equality plan for 2022

09/20/2021 | 03:12pm



1. Framework

Law no. 62/2017, of 1 August, adopting the scheme for balanced representation of men and women in the Board of Directors and Audit Boards of corporate state-owned enterprises and listed companies, obliges listed companies to draw up and disclose annual equality plans. The goal is to effectively enforce equal treatment and opportunities between women and men, promoting the elimination of discrimination based on gender and making it possible to balance personal, family and professional life, in accordance with Article 7 therein.

Semapa continues to believe that, more than compliance with a legal obligation, the pursuit of measures aimed at ensuring equality between women and men is an essential endeavour of socially responsible management; it fosters a better performance of the organisation and helps attract and develop new Talent.

Consequently, the present Equality Plan, drawn up by Semapa, incorporates the provisions of Article 7 of Law No. 62/2017, of 1 August, and follows the guidelines contained in the "Guide for the Preparation of Equality Plans (annual)".

The present plan is an evolving document, which is reviewed and approved on an annual basis.


1.1. Semapa as a holding and as a separate company

As a holding company, Semapa consolidates the financial and non-financial information with its subsidiaries, as is required by law, but such consolidation does not and may not correspond to management consolidation.

Consequently, Semapa has a global and holistic overview for the entire economic group and exercises its shareholder functions in relation to its subsidiaries, by seeking to share common values and principles. This vision is reflected in the Deontological Principles adopted by the Board of Directors in 2002, applicable to subsidiaries where the obligation of non-discrimination is expressed, among others: "In the company's internal relations and with third parties, Semapa employees must not discriminate or accept discrimination in any way, on the basis of descent, gender, race, language, national origin, religion, political convictions or ideologies, education, economic situation or social status."

Furthermore, since the adoption of the Deontological Principles, Semapa has always deemed "equal opportunities" to be a critical and fundamental principle in labour relations, which is elaborated in our sustainability report.

Furthermore, in 2017 Semapa adopted a Code of Good Conduct for Preventing and Fighting Harassment at Work, also applicable to all male and female workers of the entities that comprise the Semapa Group (unless they have a specific Code to this topic), which prohibits harassment at the workplace and sets out the obligations of male and female employees and employers in this regard, as well as the procedure to be followed in the case of harassment.


In addition to a Group vision and the intended alignment between Group companies, Semapa makes its individual choices as a separate company, which it will lay out in this Plan. The choices are such as deemed most appropriate to its reality and size, while fostering the sustainable implementation of such measures in the company. All of which is carried out notwithstanding the obligation of reporting on such matters in consolidated terms in the sustainability report.

1.2. Impact of the Covid 19 pandemic in 2021

The COVID reality we are experiencing since 2020 has impacted the pace of fulfilment set out in the Equality Plan for 2020 and 2021.

Thus, the Equality Plan for 2022 still includes some of the 2021 measures that were not implemented but are still valid and appropriate and represents a step forward in relation to what has been achieved.

1.3. Diagnosis

Before setting up the Equality Plan, Semapa carried out an analysis of the company on gender equality and used the findings to choose the main areas for intervention and define priority measures to be implemented.

The following were the main conclusions:

  1. Semapa has a consistent culture and practice of treating its male and female employees without discrimination of any kind, including gender;


  1. Semapa has implemented the principles of diversity in its core strategic and structural documents;
  2. There are opportunities for improvement, notably (1) in the dissemination of its practices to male and female employees and its partners and (2) in internal training on the subject. The Equality Plan 2022 seeks to emphasise the importance of these matters.

Of the 26 male and female employees at Semapa, considered on an individual basis, 58% are women and 42% are men.

Looking into the functional areas of the company, we see the following break-down:

Functional Areas






















The figures show that Semapa's workforce is balanced in terms of gender and is developing an internal pipeline to progressively reinforce the balance, even among top management.


On the other hand, Semapa's corporate governance is governed by the Principles for the Composition of the Governing Bodies, published on Semapa's website, highlighting, in which Semapa acknowledges, "the benefits of diversity in its corporate bodies, particularly the Board of Directors and the Audit Board, for ensuring greater balance in its composition, boosting the performance of each member and, together, of each body, improving the quality of decision-makingprocesses and contributing to its sustainable development."

Thus, for "the promotion of diversity in Semapa, the Board of Directors accepts and acknowledges the following Principles of Diversity as appropriate for the composition of the respectively corporate bodies:

  • Inclusion of members with distinct academic qualifications and professional experience in various areas, suitable and relevant for the post to be held;
  • Promotion of gender diversity;
  • Inclusion of members of different ages, combining acquired experiences with new outlooks, and
  • Inclusion of members from different backgrounds or geographical origins."


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