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Orange Belgium S A : is CO2 neutral for its operations for the 6th year in a row. Furthermore, commits to reduce its CO2 carbon emissions not linked to its operations by 30 % by 2023

07/23/2020 | 07:10am

For the 6th year in a row, Orange Belgium is awarded with the CO2 neutral label by CO2logic and Vinçotte for its operations, meaning every call, SMS, mobile data package transiting through its network is neutral in terms of CO2 emissions. Orange Belgium is committed to further reduce its remaining carbon emissions by 30% by 2023. And to go even further, Orange Belgium activates its employees through a series of challenges to reduce everyone's ecological footprint (at the office as well as at home).

Net Zero carbon for Orange Belgium operations since 2014

Orange Belgium has been again awarded with the particularly demanding CO2 neutral label by CO2logic and Vinçotte. This label attests to a real and measurable commitment to the climate protection by Orange Belgium, through dedicated efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and to offset unavoidable emissions.

This label confirms that Orange Belgium's operations - network infrastructure, shops, business travel and waste management - are CO2 neutral, meaning every call, SMS or data package transiting through the operator's network is to be considered as CO2 neutral.

This result is achieved by a strong focus on energy efficiency, in particular with the implementation of green features on the network and an highly efficient data center. The incompressible emissions for the operations (amounting to 2,343 tCO2 in 2019) were offset through the support to two major sustainable climate projects in Africa:

- An electrification initiative in Senegal, caring on a sustainable manner to the energy needs of 927 households, avoiding the emission of 1,000 tons of CO2

- A project focused on energy-efficient cook-stoves in Ghana, which resulted in the building of 280 efficient cook-stoves, the saving of 31.569 trees and the avoidance of the emission of 1,342.2 tons of CO2

The certification does not include the mobility of employees (company cars and home-work commuting), that represented 4,976 tCO2 in 2019.

Orange's environmental commitment by 2023

Orange Belgium is committed to remain CO2 neutral for its operations, in particular thanks to the usage of more efficient technologies such as 5G, as well as the implementation of the RAN sharing agreement with Proximus, that will allow to further decrease its network's energy consumption besides traffic increase.

In addition, Orange Belgium will limit its use of paper thanks to digitalization, promote eco-responsible packaging and further invest in its circular economy by recycling and refurbishing the Orange hardware (devices and modems).

Furthermore, Orange Belgium is committed to reduce its carbon emissions not linked to its operation (company cars and home-work commuting) by 30% by 2023, thanks to a 360° mobility plan. This plan includes in particular an increased deployment of teleworking in all departments, the support to alternatives to the car to come to the office (bike, public transportation), and the change of the company cars offer to select cars with lower CO2 emission (including electric and hybrid cars).

Orange employees take Green Challenges

Finally, as the fight for the climate and sustainability is a common effort, Orange Belgium decided to activate and put forward its own employees through a series of voluntary 'Green challenges' for them to better measure and adapt their own impact on the planet.

Michaël Trabbia, CEO of Orange Belgium, comments: 'In line with Orange Group's purpose, we decided to make a lasting commitment for the planet with a 360° approach. At Orange, we are convinced that the relevant usage of technology, optimization opportunities and responsible behaviors will allow addressing the environmental challenge. We will leverage 5G implementation, RAN sharing, refurbishing and recycling of hardware, and digitalization to further decrease our operations incompressible emissions. In addition we are committed to decrease our mobility CO2 emissions by 30% by 2023, by supporting more homeworking and alternatives to the car.'


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