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Mainfreight : Service Announcement | Coronavirus COVID-19 Update

07/31/2020 | 01:05am

Mainfreight New Zealand

In New Zealand, our social, sporting, and business environments continue to benefit from the measures taken to manage COVID-19 earlier in the year. Domestic distribution is currently operating without impediment, and is expected to continue to do so.

International import and export sea freight movements have remained largely unaffected to date, with shipping lines matching capacity to demand. These measures, combined with the beginnings of peak season, has however started to result in congestion in several transhipment ports in Asia. The Mainfreight Air & Ocean teams in our 14 New Zealand branches are monitoring the situation and are able to offer alternative routings where required.

As communicated last week, air freight services in and out of New Zealand continue to recover, albeit with elevated rates compared to pre-Covid levels.

Our Mainfreight teams around the world report that while there has been a surge in infections over recent weeks, they are continuing to operate largely as normal.

Today we will hear from regional sales team leaders across the 202 Mainfreight branches in Australia, Asia, the Americas and Europe.

Mainfreight Australia

There has been significant media coverage over recent days regarding new COVID-19 infections in Australia, focused mainly in Victoria. National Sales Manager, Air & Ocean Australia, Brendan Ryan, reports that while this has meant the reintroduction of social distancing and personal protection protocols in parts of the country, freight is still moving internationally, intra, and interstate, without delay.

The only measure currently impinging on transport, is the requirement to produce evidence of COVID-19 testing for interstate truck drivers at the South Australian state border. At the time of writing testing must be completed every 7 days.

Our Australian transport team anticipate other state borders may impose similar restrictions in the short term, so have ensured our drivers are being tested and able to comply with border regulations as they change.

The Mainfreight Australia team are confident that we can meet any emerging border crossing demands without material delay in service delivery.

Mainfreight Asia

Our Mainfreight branches and depots throughout North and South East Asia continue to operate without commercial restriction, despite recent infection increases in some countries resulting in an elevation of social measures to combat COVID-19.

Billy Zhang, our head of sales for Asia, has told us overnight that his team mates based in Mainfreight facilities across China, South Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam, are operating as normal onsite.

He tells us that the Mainfreight teams in Japan and Singapore have maintained split shifts to continue to enable social distancing while they are in the office. The Mainfreight Hong Kong team are also running with two shifts for the same reasons.

In all parts of Asia, the Mainfreight team are reporting no physical or regulatory barriers to the movement of cargo.

Mainfreight Europe

European regional sales manager, Bradley Russell, reported this week from his base at Mainfreight 's-Heerenberg facility near Amsterdam, that no new restrictions have been introduced around cargo movement across the European Union. Trading also continues without restriction in the United Kingdom.

While there have been reports of increased cases in Romania, Germany and Spain, and there is caution to avoid a second wave of COVID-19 infection as people travel within the EU for summer holidays, our 2,745 team members across Europe do not expect any restriction impacting on our ability to complete deliveries or collection in the 11 countries where Mainfreight currently has a presence.

Mainfreight Americas

Air & Ocean VP of Sales, Jake Moller, told us earlier this week that the USA has been reporting 64,000 new cases per day on average over the last 7 days. He told us that several states where restrictions has been lifted in May and June are now reverting back to their stay at home orders and 'Phase 1 openings'.

While this has restricted some social interaction, it is very much business as usual for our 990 Mainfreight USA team members.

Consistent with local guidelines, a small number of our team are still working remotely or on shifts, however all 74 Mainfreight branches through North and South America are fully operational with little to no service delays. Ports, Airports, and Cargo depots are unaffected.

The Mainfreight team around New Zealand and the world are continuing to provide solutions and guidance as supply chains adjust to local and global environments. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your local Mainfreight team.


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