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Keysight Technologies, Inc. Announces A Collaboration with Jiyun Technologies to Develop and Deliver A Tailored, Compact Battery Test System for Electric Vehicles

09/21/2022 | 11:00am

Keysight Technologies, Inc. announced a collaboration with Jiyun Technologies to develop and deliver a tailored, compact battery test system for electric vehicles (EVs). Range limitations and safety concerns remain consumer obstacles for purchasing electric vehicles. To address these concerns and facilitate the rapid launch of new electric vehicles, solid testing and performance verification of battery systems is paramount.

Keysight and Jiyun Technologies have joined forces to address these concerns. Keysight delivered the tailored battery test system to Jiyun Technologies, which includes the company's regenerative power supplies (RPS7900 Series), Data Acquisition System (DAQ973A), Controller Area Network Interface (CAN) Bus communication interfaces and other hardware products. The dedicated test software leveraged in the battery test system was adopted from Keysight's PathWave software portfolio, and the custom system can reach a maximum output voltage of 1000V, a current level of up to 540A and a maximum power level of 180kW.

Keysight optimized the battery test system to be compact while meeting the needs of the tailored battery pack testing. In addition to collecting basic information such as battery voltage, current and thermal data, the battery management system (BMS) is also integrated into the communication structure to efficiently gather data and provide access to all parameters through a single software instance. Keysight also delivered a solution based on regenerative power components to achieve 90% power efficiency that reduced operational costs while minimizing heat dissipation, as well as reducing the associated costs of required cooling systems.

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