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Innocan Pharma Corporation Conducts Recent Experimental Study of its CBD-Loaded Liposome Technology

09/03/2021 | 04:13pm
Innocan Pharma Corporation (the ‘Company’ or ‘Innocan’) announced that it has conducted a recent experimental study of its CBD-loaded liposome technology (LPT) on large animals that demonstrated a similar pharmacokinetic profile as was demonstrated in a previous small animal study. This result is expected to bring the Company closer to clinical trials in humans. Pharmacokinetics (PK) determines the profile of drug concentrations in the blood as a function of time from the moment that it was administered thus indicating drug efficacy. Prolonged release of Cannabidiol (CBD) from the Liposomes injected subcutaneously to a large animal showed continuous blood concentrations of CBD over a long time. Similar to what was found previously in small animals studies and is considered a good predictor to the expected exposure in humans. The data obtained suggests that Innocan's LPT platform may be suitable for human therapeutic applications. The continuous exposure to CBD-in blood for a long time post local administration, seems to be superior to orally administered CBD in two aspects: it will all allow a single administration instead of daily administration and it will overcome- the low (10-20%) oral bioavailability of CBD. The superior PK of the CBD in LPT may enable to achieve controlled concentration of CBD in the blood leading to a better clinical outcome.
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