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Grupo Catalana Occidente S A : joins the leasing business and launches an insurance policy with which the customer can choose between three types of car

11/13/2020 | 06:15am
'The launch proposal includes a comprehensive insurance policy, with or without excess, from 181.51 euros a month, where customers will be able to choose between three models in the SUV, eco or compact ranges of vehicles under a leasing formula for individuals, which will always include electric or hybrid vehicles. The model offering will be renewed on a quarterly basis'

Grupo Catalana Occidente has launched a comprehensive insurance policy with which the customer will not only enjoy insurance, but can also choose between three different vehicle models within the following ranges: compact; SUV; and eco. This product is also distinguished by its further adaptation to the needs of each customer, since customers will be able to choose between taking it out with (150 euros) or without excess, different contracting periods (3, 4 or 5 years) and annual kilometres (10,000, 15,000 and 20,000 km). Customers will also be provided personalised advice from a mediator. In addition, the range on offer will always include hybrid or electric cars.

Product features

During the launch campaign, the vehicle models to choose from will be a KIA Picanto Concept, a Ford Puma hybrid, and a Toyota Rav4 H. All vehicles are new and noted for incorporating cutting-edge sustainability and technology features. Furthermore, the vehicle offering (compact, SUV and eco) will be updated on a quarterly basis, so that customers can enjoy the latest developments on the market.

This comprehensive insurance with vehicle included also covers travel assistance and a courtesy vehicle (Audi A1) when repairing the vehicle at the AutoPresto network of garages. The different options provided in this insurance enable us to offer customers a personalised price from 181.51 euros per month. In addition, when taking out the modality with excess (150 euros, the lowest on the market for this type of policy), the customer can only be charged a maximum number of 3 excess amounts.

New consumption trends

Vehicle leasing is becoming increasingly popular in Spain. According to data from the Spanish Association of Vehicle Leasing (AER, Asociación Española de Renting de Vehículos), the percentage of vehicles leased in Spain has grown from 14.22% in 2015 to 20.23% last year. This growth has been mainly due to the private vehicle leasing market, the fleet of which has risen from 2.4% to 12.3% in this period.

'New consumption models are transforming our society, and we, as an insurance group, must explore these trends and analyse them from the point of view of innovation. In such a way that all of this enables us to meet the new needs of customers,' stated the head of Grupo Catalana Occidente's traditional business, Juan Closa.

The long-term leasing of a vehicle has a number of advantages, such as saving on a series of expenses: cost of registration, those arising from financing the purchase, municipal taxes, vehicle maintenance, etc. Through this modality, customers are provided with further flexibility by being able to change the vehicle according to their needs, incorporating new models with which they can enjoy the latest developments in security systems, more sustainable technologies and lower fuel consumption.

'The scenario arising in terms mobility is not only an opportunity to strengthen our product and services offering, it also enables us to contribute to increasing road safety and the energy transition by renewing the fleet of vehicles and committing to offering hybrid models,' said Closa.

In this regard, the commitment to sustainability is crucial for Grupo Catalana Occidente. In 2010 it was one of the pioneering groups in launching an insurance policy for electric vehicles through Seguros Catalana Occidente. Precisely, this company will be the first to start marketing this new product thanks to the personal advisory services provided by its mediation network in Madrid, Barcelona, and Valencia, where the leasing formula is currently most widely practised.

As of January 2021, this service will be extended to the rest of Spain and, progressively, it will be incorporated into the product and services offering of companies Plus Ultra Seguros and Seguros Bilbao. This product is a result of the partnership and collaboration between Grupo Catalana Occidente and ALD Automotive, a company specialising in vehicle leasing and fleet management services.

'Private leasing is one of the key factors in the sector's recovery in 2021,' underlined the head of ALD Automotive's Indirect Distribution Area, Adolfo Agudo. 'Leasing is a very attractive option for this type of customer, as it allows them to enjoy mobility without having to make a huge disbursement, without having to worry about any extra maintenance costs and, in addition, with the possibility of accessing vehicles powered by alternative energies and featuring cutting-edge technology at affordable prices. This collaboration with Grupo Catalana Occidente will undoubtedly result in a considerable boost, combining an insurance and vehicle offering', said Agudo.


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