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Fluxys Belgium : First time ever physical RF to Germany

10/06/2021 | 09:06am

In the first weekend of October, short-term capacity sales performed by FluxSwiss led to remarkable nominations by shippers in both North-to-South and South-to-North directions.
Such nominations triggered within-day flow changeover from Forward to Reverse Flow and viceversa on the Transitgas pipeline.

In particular, physical reverse flow from Switzerland to Germany at IP Wallbach (VIP Germany-CH) was recorded for the first time ever. Exit capacity towards Germany was used for more than 50% on the last hours of Sunday gas day.

In the 72-hour period Between Friday 1st and Sunday 3rd October 2021, the overall commercial volumes nominated on FluxSwiss' capacities amounted to:

  • IP Oltingue: 9.4 Million Nm3 from France to Switzerland, of which 14.8 in Forward Flow and 5.4 in Reverse Flow.
  • IP Passo Gries: 9.0 Million Nm3 from Italy to Switzerland, of which 6.3 in Forward Flow and 15.4 in Reverse Flow.
  • IP Wallbach: 18.4 Million Nm3 from Switzerland to Germany, of which 0 in FF and 18.4 in RF.

See how FluxSwiss shippers' nominations and total Transitgas physical flows are displayed for the three mentioned gas days (y-axis being sized in line with IP technical capacity in the relevant direction).

FluxSwiss flexible offer is proving effective in enabling cross-border flows bridging the Transitgas system with the neighbouring French, German and Italian gas hubs, thus supporting the market demand in a context characterised by an increasing market volatility.


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