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cBrain A/S : Exports Climate Software to South America

06/29/2021 | 12:00am

cBrain has been informed that cBrain has won a tender and will deliver its first software solution in South America.

The solution, called CITES, will be delivered to the Guyanese authorities, and it will support monitoring and regulation of international trade in endangered species of wild fauna and flora.

The tender has been created by the Amazon Cooperation Treaty Organization (ACTO). ACTO is a regional organization established by Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Peru, Suriname, and Venezuela. ACTO is aimed at the promotion of sustainable development of the Amazon, which is the world's largest rainforest.

The agreement supports cBrain's venture in climate software for public authorities, including demonstrating that Danish climate solutions can be exported and reused internationally.


At the moment, cBrain is implementing a larger project at the Environmental Protection Agency in Denmark, where cBrain helps to digitize a large number of processes across areas such as grant management, supervisions, and decisions.

One of the specific digital solution, which cBrain has delivered to the Environmental Protection Agency, supports the agency's work in relation to the international CITES convention for the control of international trade with endangered species of wild fauna and flora ('The Washington Convention'). The goal is to only allow sustainable trade. This means that one cannot remove more from the populations of wildlife than can be sustained.

Is it the CITES solution for the Environmental Protection Agency, which cBrain will now export to the Guyanese authorities. Besides translating the solution, it will also be expanded in a number of areas, including to support specific conditions regarding quotas in South America.

The solution is based on cBrain's standard software F2. F2 supports language versioning, and it can furthermore be configured for local conditions without having to change the standard system. cBrain can thereby complete the delivery to Guyana based on 100% standard software.


Denmark is the world's leading country, both in relation to digitization and climate. Over the past 4 years, Denmark has ranked number 1 on the United Nations' global E-government list, as well as being on the top of the international lists related to climate action.

As part of cBrain's CSR report for 2021, which is titled 'Building Software for a More Sustainable World', cBrain spoke about the company's increasing focus on climate software and the UN's 13th Sustainable Development Goal, which is called 'Climate Action'.

By supporting fast-track digitization, one example being the Environmental Protection Agency's many processes, cBrain can contribute to help climate efforts. This includes both reducing greenhouse gas emissions and supporting nature restoration, from grant management such as Natura 2000, 'climate lowland', and watercourse replacement, to the management of permits/decisions, including CITES, which regulates the import/export of endangered species of wild fauna and flora.

It is thus a key element in cBrain's export efforts to market and reuse the experiences from Denmark, both in relation to effective public digitization and creating fast-track support of the authorities' processes for climate action.

This agreement with ACTO is important for cBrain as it showcases how the expertise created in Denmark in the intersection between public digitization and climate can be exported and reused.


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