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Brembo S p A : How a sandwich wrapper can “take out” the brakes on a Formula 1 single-seater

04/19/2021 | 11:55am

On the contrary, on tracks like Silverstone, Suzuka or Interlagos, an opposite risk exists, namely that the brakes will not reach the ideal operating temperature, resulting in the potential for a glazing effect of the friction material. In conditions like these, the brakes need less air and the air intakes are 'choked', effectively reducing the airflow to the brakes.

On paper, these choices appear to be entirely logical, but cornering in a Formula 1 car involves many elements, each with needs that differ from the others. Furthermore, the impact on tire performance must also be considered, as well as the operating temperature of the power unit and resistance to forward motion on the straights.

In short, a true balancing act, to which yet another variable is added: The number of brake disc ventilation holes. Designed using a CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) calculation, these are the result of synergistic development between the disc manufacturer and the single-seater manufacturers.

Based on the air intakes being used during a season or modified for a certain GP, the teams choose the disc version they feel is best. For the front, Brembo offers the Very High Cooling alternative with 1,480 holes, the High Cooling alternative with 1,250 holes and the Medium Cooling alternative with 800 holes.

For each of these, the teams can also choose the variant with machining on the outer diameter of the disc, the 'groove', which creates an air divergent section and increases the material cooling efficiency. For the rear, on the other hand, Brembo offers two-disc options: High Cooling (1,250 holes) and Medium Cooling, with 800 holes

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