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Brembo S p A : Superbikes brake less than MotoGP bikes at Misano

06/08/2021 | 06:05am

2.5 seconds less than MotoGP​

Even if there are 16 corners, there are only 9 braking sections because several changes in direction are made without using the brakes. The brakes are used for 28.5 seconds on each lap, 30% of the duration of the race. In MotoGP, on the other hand, the riders use their brakes for 31 seconds, the equivalent of 34% of the race.

Three of the Superbike braking sections cover less than 90 meters (98 yards) because the drop in speed is less than 100 km/h (62 mph). Maximum deceleration exceeds 1.1 G only in 3 sections, all in the first half of the circuit. The pressure of the brake fluid, on the other hand, reaches its maximum in the last two braking sections before the finishing line. ​


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