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Brembo S p A : On the Baku circuit, drivers brake for 20 seconds on each lap with no scope for error

05/31/2021 | 05:14am

Drivers brake for 20 seconds on each lap​

6 km (3.7 mi) long with 11 braking sections, the brakes are used for just under 20 seconds per lap: This is twice as much as on the Imola track and 1.2 seconds more than Monaco. Despite this, at Baku, the load on the brake pedal from start to finish is lower, 53.5 metric tons.

​In 5 of the 11 braking sections, the load does not even reach 90 kg (198 lb) even if in one of these, deceleration is just 3.8 G and braking lasts for 1.86 seconds. In 4 braking sections, on the other hand, the brake system is in use for over 2.13 seconds even if the load on the brake pedal reaches a peak of 166 kg (366 lb) and does not exceed 140 kg (308 lb) in the other cases.


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