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Banco BBVA Argentina S A : November 2020 Extraordinary Shareholders Meeting – Agenda

10/16/2020 | 08:50am


The Shareholders of Banco BBVA Argentina S.A., are hereby convened to the General Extraordinary Shareholders Meeting to be held on November 20, 2020, at 11.30 a.m., on first call. If the necessary quorum is not achieved on first call, the Board of Directors shall make a second call pursuant to section 237 of the Argentine General Companies Law.

We hereby inform that so long as it is prohibited, limited or restricted the free circulation of people in general, as a consequence of the sanitary emergency situation pursuant to Necessity and Urgency Decree No. 297/2020 and National Executive Power successive rules, the Meeting shall be held as a remote meeting in accordance with the CNV General Resolution No. 830/2020 ("GR 830/2020"), to deal with the following


  1. Holding of the remote Meeting in accordance with the CNV General Resolution No. 830/2020.
  2. Appointment of two shareholders to prepare and sign the Meeting minutes, together with the Chairman of the Meeting.
  3. Partial write-off of the voluntary reserve for future result distributions in the amount of AR$ 12,000,000,000 and consideration of the supplementary dividend for the same amount, so as to increase the amount of the cash dividend


approved by the General Ordinary and Extraordinary Shareholders Meeting held on May 15, 2020 in the amount of AR$ 2,500,000,000, all of it subject to the prior Argentine Central Bank authorization. Delegation to the Board of the powers for the implementation thereof and for determination of a date to make it available for the shareholders, once it has been approved by the Argentine Central Bank.


  1. Remote Meeting: In accordance with the "GR 830/2020", the Meeting shall be a remote meeting, by the use of the video conference system which enables: (i) access to the Meeting of all the participants (shareholders and/or their proxies, Directors, General Manager, members of the Supervisory Committee and their staff); (ii) simultaneous transmission of sound and images and speeches of the participants; (iii) the shareholders may participate with voice and issue their votes in oral form and/or electronically (with audio and image) during the holding of the Meeting and (iv) record of the Meeting in digital form and keeping of a digital copy support.
    To such ends it is informed that: (1) the system to be used shall be the WebEx platform, which is the video conferences and virtual meetings provided by Cisco, which may be accessed by the link sent by the Company, together with the access and development of the

meeting act instructions to the shareholders that communicate their


attendance to the meeting through email in accordance with the indications in the following item. (2) The shareholders shall communicate their attendance to the meeting by email addressed to (,At. Inés Lanusse, with the content and safeguards indicated in paragraph b), serving such sending as sufficient evidence for clearance, with at least three (3) business days in advance to the date of the meeting, i.e until November 16, 2020 at 6 p.m. including it. Unless otherwise indicated, there shall be used the same email address from which each shareholder informed its attendance to inform the link of the video conference; the Meeting shall begin at the notified time punctually. (3) In case of proxies, the corresponding enabling instrument, sufficiently authenticated shall be sent to the Company at least five (5) business days in advance to the holding of the meeting. (4) At the moment of registration to participate in the Meeting, the following data of the owner of the shares shall be informed: name and surname or complete corporate name; type and number of identity document of physical persons or data of the registration of the legal persons with express indication of the register in which they are registered and their jurisdiction; domicile indicating its nature. The same data shall be provided by those who attend the Meeting as proxy of the owner of the shares. Likewise, the Shareholders that are foreign companies are required to attach the documents evidencing their registration as such at the corresponding public registry, pursuant to Section 123 of the Argentine General


Companies and to inform the final beneficiary owners of the shares that conform the capital stock of the foreign company and the amount of shares which shall be voted on, and we hereby inform you that the proxy appointed to effect the voting at the meeting shall be duly registered in the corresponding public registry, pursuant to Sections 118 or 123 of the Argentine General Companies as amended. (5) At the opening of the Meeting each one of the participants shall evidence his or her identity and indicate the place of locations.

Members of the Company Supervisory Committee that participate in the Meeting shall verify compliance with the measures before mentioned as well as the safeguards provided for in "GR 830/2020".

  1. Deposit of evidence and certificates: The Shareholders are advised that the Company Book-Entry Shares Register is maintained by Caja de Valores S.A., located at 25 de Mayo 362, Autonomous City of Buenos Aires. In accordance with Section 238 of the Argentine General Companies, in order to attend the meeting, the Shareholders shall obtain a certificate evidencing the existence of the book-entry shares account issued to such effect by Caja de Valores S.A. Pursuant to "GR 830/2020", the Shareholders may register sending by email the certificates referred to previously (and other corresponding supplemental information) in accordance with the form indicated in the previous paragraph.
  2. In case that, on the date of the Meeting, any prohibition, limitation

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