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09/22/2020 | 08:16am
U.S. Stock Futures Wobble After Turbulent Session 

S&P 500 futures signaled a tepid rebound as investors weigh the prospect of renewed restrictions due to rising coronavirus infections damping the economic recovery.

Oil Market Flies Blind as Covid-19 Clouds Demand Outlook 

Predicting oil demand has rarely been more challenging, buffeting prices and muddying the outlook for traders, investors and energy producers.

U.S. Coronavirus Cases Jump, With Death Toll Just Below 200,000 

Some 52,000 new Covid-19 infections were reported in the U.S., the highest single-day increase since Aug. 14, as some guidelines and practices for stopping the disease's spread have been called into question.

China's Attack on 'Unreliable Entities' Is a Double-Edged Sword for Beijing 

China has been slow to retaliate against U.S. commercial restrictions this year, an illustration of the fact that the options available to it aren't great.

Sweden's Riksbank Still Sees Repo Rate Stuck at Zero in Coming Years 

The central bank held its key interest rate at zero and backed its earlier guidance that the rate will likely remain unchanged at least until late 2023.

German Economic Slump Milder Than Forecast 

The German economy will shrink by 5.2% this year, according to Ifo, less than its forecast in the summer of a 6.7% contraction.

Laid-Off Workers Cut Spending as Extra Unemployment Benefits Run Out 

President Trump's action last month put in place an extra $300 in benefits a week, but those benefits will last only six weeks. Congress, meanwhile, has yet to reach an agreement on a new federal jobless benefit.

Powell Says Swift Government Action Averted Deeper Economic Downturn 

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said the economic response to the coronavirus alleviated the fallout from the pandemic-induced recession but suggested Congress would likely need to spend more money to shore up parts of the economy.

RBA Weighing Further Options to Support Australian Economy 

The Reserve Bank of Australia is continuing to weigh options to further support the economy, including expanded bond buying and currency intervention, Deputy Gov. Guy Debelle told business leaders.

Fed's Kaplan Worries New Fed Rate Guidance Ties Policy Makers' Hands 

Dallas leader Robert Kaplan said new guidance on the future of interest rates may complicate Fed officials' future decision making and stoke risk taking in financial markets.


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