USDA Jun Farm Prices - Jul 31

07/31/2020 | 03:25pm
    WASHINGTON -(Dow Jones)- The index of prices received by U.S. 
farmers for their products in June was +1.1% From May, but -4.9% 
From a year earlier, the U.S. Department of Agriculture said Friday. 
June Prices Received Index Up 1.0 Percent 
The June Prices Received Index 2011 Base (Agricultural Production), at 89.2, 
increased 1.0 percent from May but decreased 4.9 percent from June 2019. At 
91.8, the Crop Production Index was down 3.3 percent from last month but up 
2.1 percent from the previous year. The Livestock Production Index, at 86.7, 
increased 5.0 percent from May, but decreased 11 percent from June last year. 
Producers received higher prices during June for milk, oranges, broilers, and 
lettuce but lower prices for hogs, market eggs, cantaloupes, and corn. In 
addition to prices, the indexes are influenced by the volume change of 
commodities producers market. In June, there was increased monthly movement 
for wheat, hay, peaches, and cantaloupes and decreased marketing of 
strawberries, oranges, milk, and cattle. 
June Prices Paid Index Up 0.3 Percent 
The June Prices Paid Index for Commodities and Services, Interest, Taxes, and 
Farm Wage Rates (PPITW), at 109.1, is up 0.3 percent from May 2020 but down 
1.2 percent from June 2019. Higher prices in June for LP gas, feeder cattle, 
other services, and gasoline more than offset lower prices for feeder pigs, 
complete feeds, nitrogen, and hay and forages. 
                          Index Summary Table 
                      2019           2019           2020           2020 
   Index         -------------------------------------------------------- 
   Group               May            Jun            May            Jun 
Prices Received       92.6           93.8           88.2           89.2 
Prices Paid          110.9          110.4          108.8          109.1 
Ratio 1/                84             85             81             82 
1/  Ratio of index of prices received by farmers to index of prices paid by 
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