Twitter unveils bitcoin tipping, safety features

09/23/2021 | 05:30pm

Like something you see or hear on Twitter and want to give the content creator a tip?

You can now do that with bitcoin, the social media app announced on Thursday.

Twitter's global fan base using Apple iOS devices can start sending and receiving digital payments; a feature that was previously limited to a small group for testing.

The Silicon Valley company will also launch a fund to pay some users who host audio chat rooms on its Spaces feature.

Those are just some of the changes coming to Twitter as it tries to compete against Facebook and YouTube, a unit of Alphabet's Google, in pursuit of content creators who can come with loyal followers in the millions- valuable to Twitter's advertisers.

In addition, Twitter is testing new ways to help users have a safer experience on its site. It will now include the use of warnings when people enter a "heated" conversations and allow users to leave tweet threads they no longer want to engage with.

The social network is also exploring how to allow users to filter out certain words they do not want to see in replies to their tweets, which could be vital in halting name-calling or abusive speech.

These changes are seen as key to Twitter's quest to distance itself from a reputation for being a hot-bed of controversy and a site where polarized discussions can get out of hand.

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