New features on MarketScreener: 10 years of history and new markets in Asia-Australia

01/12/2022 | 10:58am

At MarketScreener, we often forget to tell you everything we do for you, to facilitate your research and your investment decisions. But today, we are excited to let you know about the new features added on the site.

As of today, on MarketScreener, you can access all the stock quotes and indices of the following markets: Australia (ASX), Japan (Tokyo Stock Exchange) and Singapore (SGX), with a 15 to 20 minute delay, regardless of your status (member or subscriber). This is the perfect way to improve your knowledge and monitoring of these stock markets.

We have also enhanced the Expert subscription. From now on, subscribers have access to 10 years of historical data on company fundamentals, and 3 years of future forecasts. This will help you to identify good cases, like this one for example.


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