Citroen has invented a cardboard car

09/29/2022 | 05:55pm

made from cardboard?

Citron's new "Oli" concept car was designed

in anticipation of future resource shortages

Its roof and hood is made from a

specialized cardboard with plastic coating

in place of steel and metal

(Anne Laliron, Citroen Head of Future Products)

"With Oli, we say enough - enough of oversizing of cars, with many features that you'll never use. Some features are used 2 percent of the time. So we said, 'OK, how can we reduce to what is really necessary for day-to-day life with our customers?' And in doing that, we reduced the number of electronic boards, the number of features that are maybe not completely useful or that customers don't really use, and by doing that, we reduced the weight and we reduced also the electric consumption of the car."

Oli is also designed to be easy to repair

so it can last at least

three generations, or 50 years

(Anne Laliron, Citroen Head of Future Products)

"We have to manage climate, global warming, and we have to act, to do something. We are all aware about that. In the meantime, families still need to be mobile and to have this freedom of mobility. And we are really in a very important moment for the automotive industry. Do we still provide and produce cars the way we did in the past? Or do we change the paradigm in order to optimise our environmental footprint and help our customers to reduce also their environmental footprint?"

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