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05/16/2019 | 06:47 am

Trump signed an executive order that would let the U.S. ban telecommunications gear from "foreign adversaries," raising tensions with China even as the U.S. said it would likely resume trade talks soon.

The U.S. ordered a partial withdrawal of its diplomats from Iraq as Washington warned of heightened threats from Iran and Tehran-backed Shiite militias.

Houthi rebels allied with Iran have finished pulling forces out of three Red Sea ports in Yemen.

The president will make a fresh bid to remake U.S. immigration policy with a proposal on skills-based visas and new curbs on refugees and family members.

The Trump administration has been working behind the scenes on a strategy to force greater price disclosure across much of the health-care industry.

The White House declined to endorse the Christchurch Call, an international pledge to counter the spread of terrorist content online.

The FAA has a "credibility problem" related to its safety certification of Boeing's 737 MAX plane, a House panel's chairman said.

Sudanese military leaders and the protest movement that unseated Bashir agreed on a three-year blueprint for democratic rule.

The administration suspended all commercial flights between the U.S. and Venezuela.

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