USAFL United States Australian Football League I : 2017 USAFL Roll of Honor

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01/14/2018 | 12:44 am

The 2017 season was commemorated across the country with end of season parties, held by most of the league's 38 clubs. Not only was excellence and valor on the field recognized, but hard work and dedication to club and country off the field was acknowledged as well.

A number of familiar names were given certificates and awards of merit for their clubs this season. Revos Hamilton May (DSM), Erik Hanson (NC), and Brent Fischer (MIN) all took out Best & Fairest honors for their teams, and fellow Yanks Nolan Cox and Pat Miller did the same. On the Women's side, the USA Freedom and Liberty had five B&Fs, with Cailin Deal (BOS), Lindsay Kastanek (DEN), Jess Gray (DEN), Leilani Silvio (LA), and Rosemary Kloh (SAC) all winning. A few up and coming Americans also were Best and Fairest for their clubs: gridiron quarterback Hollie Petrie (POR) and the meteoric April Lewis (SEA) may be names worth watching in the lead up to the Parallel Cup this year and the 2020 International Cup.


Best & Fairest - Ryan Downey
Runner-Up Best & Fairest - Brett Hester
Best First Year Player - Chris Drick
Coaches Award - Chris Drick
Best Clubman - Ryan Downey
Most Improved - Brian DePue
Best at Nationals - Wayne Kraska


Seniors Awards:
Best & Fairest - Nolan Cox
Runner up Best & Fairest - Stefan Barr
Best at Nationals - Stefan Barr
Leading Goalkicker - Kenrick Tyrell
Best Clubman - Anthony Butt
Most Improved - Daniel Brown
Best First Year Player - Sam Gigliotti

Seconds Awards:
Best & Fairest - Nick Lewis
Runner Up Best & Fairest - Joss Scholten
Best at Nationals - Nick Lewis
Leading Goalkicker - Nick Lewis


Men's Awards:
Best & Fairest - Matt Wood
Best & Fairest Runner Up - Pat Keane
Nationals Player's Player - Tommy Ivester
League Player's Player - Courtney Hayes
Coach's Award - Ben Thivierge
Leading Goal Kicker - Matt Wood

Women's Awards:
Best & Fairest - Cailin Deal
Player's Player - Cailin Deal
Best First Year Player - Diane Welch
Coach's Award - Alison Monaghan


Best & Fairest (AUS) - Greg Paine
Best & Fairest (USA) - Cory Colvin
B&F Runners Up - Chris Willis (AUS), Mike Mayne (USA)
Clubman of the Year - Jake Williams
Golden Boot - Jay Duncan
Rookie of the Year - Zach McKinney
Best Newcomer (Club) - Zach McKinney


Best & Fairest - Hamilton May
Rookie of the Year - Brian Simkus
Most Improved - Josh Judge
Clubwoman of the Year - Emily Rice


Men's Seniors Awards:
Best & Fairest - Leigh McMahon
Rookie of the Year - Aaron Gray
Coaches Award - Tait Carmody
Most Improved - Brian Ripperto
Most Consistent - Phil Camping

Women's Awards:
Best & Fairest - Lindsey Kastanek and Jess Gray
Rookie of the Year - Baylee Hurtado
Coach's Award - Hallie Kastenak
Most Improved - Erin McAllister

Men's Seconds Awards:
Best & Fairest - Rich Mann
Rookie of the Year - Drew McMahon
Coaches Award - Steven McVicker
Most Improved - Dan Umbdenstock
Most Consistent - Jeremy O'Connell


Nationals MVP Awards:
Men's D1 - Ben Dowdell
Men's D4 - Chris Corgas
Men's Reserves - Brian Lewis
Women's D1 - Julie Marks
Women's D2 - Sophia Rutkin

Club Awards:
Tara Salmon Spirit Award - Brette Brower
The Milli (Grower of the Game) - Jake Ryan
The Jobbo (Clubman) - Mark Levin

GGAFL Metro Awards:
Golden Whistle - Jackson Burnie
Women's Rookie of the Year - Elyse Green
Men's Rookie of the Year - Cody Burman
Ironmonger Award - Most Goals - Women's - Robyn Leslie
Ironmonger Award - Most Goals - Men's - Jake Ryan
Dazzler Award - Mark of the Year - Mike Lancaster
Women's Metro Best & Fairest - Nikki MacKenzie
Leigh Barnes Metro Best & Fairest - Jake Ryan


The Lonelow/Craig Ruggles Cup (Best & Fairest) - Nathan Webb
Club Champion (B&F Runner Up) - Steven Ryan & Sean Smyth (tie)
Rising Lonestar - Jeff Jamnik
Most Consistent - Nathan Webb
Most Improved - Alex Azizi
Nationals MVP - Triegue Allen (D2), Nick Plaisance (D4)
Player's Player - Steven Ryan
Most Dedicated - Simon Craig
Leading Goal Kicker - Simon Craig
Best Mark - Jeff Jamnik
Best Goal - Dave Bryant
Coach's Award - Andrew Craig
Clubman Award - Philip Harford
Best 1st Year Player - Alex Ammon
Life Members - Dave Bryant & Sonia Lovel


Best & Fairest - Liam Sawyer
Most Improved - Pete Elliott


Men's Awards:
Best & Fairest - Pat Nicholls
Runner-Up - Chris Bagot
Leading Goalkicker - Pat Nicholls
Nationals MVP - Matt Hitch
Most Consistent - Paul Jackson
Most Courageous - Joe Silvio
Most Improved - Harry Dixon
Best First Year Player - Dennis Boyle
Best Backman - Robert Descant
Best Utility - Lachie Macpherson
Coaches Award - Donald Lee

Women's Awards:
Best & Fairest - Leilani Silvio
Best First Year Player - Katiann Scherer
Coaches Award - Aileen Yoon
Nationals MVP - Yukako (Yui) Kawakatsu

Club Awards:

President's Award - Srinand Yalamanchili
Heart of the Dragon (Club Member of the Year) - Aileen Yoon
Hall of Fame - Robert Wagner


Men's Awards:
Best & Fairest - Brent Fischer
B&F Runner Up - Ian Robertson
Most Consistent - Niranjan Sathianathen
Most Improved - Tatsuro Tanioka
Rising Star - Josh Friday
Coach's Award - Dan Stephens

Women's Awards:
Best & Fairest - Andrea Mattison
Most Consistent - Paige Kiecker
Rising Star - Leslee Uhrich
Most Improved - Kait Peterson
Teamwork Award - Belle Ugalde
Integrity Award - Carrie Opheim
Community Award - Rebecca Viot


Best & Fairest - David 'Frosty' Harris
Leading Goalkicker - Nathan Caldwell
Rookie of the Year - Brad Chamberlain
Coach's Award - Joel Thornton
Clubman of the Year - Cliff Cosnahan


Best & Fairest - Erik Hanson
Runner Up Best & Fairest - Peter Capozziello
Leading Goalkicker - Austin Doerr
Clubman - Drew Fograty
Best at Nationals - Stu McKenzie
Rookie of the year - Dave Seymour
Backman - Andrew Wesche
Dasher/Encouragement - Dennis Kurtz
Most Improved - Mike Felland


Men's Awards:
Best & Fairest - Pat Miller
Coach's Award - Greg Glasgow
Best Forward - Jon Ginsberg
Best Midfield - Pat Miller
Best Back - Bradd Gower
Leading Goalkicker - Ryan McGettigan
Most Improved - Aleks Fedoriw
Player's Player - Greg Glasgow

Women's Awards:
Coach's Award - Erica Sacci
Most Improved - Erica Sacci
Player's Player - Lauryn Kelly

Club Awards:
President's Award - Dan Greenberg
Clubman - Dan Greenberg


Steelheads Awards:
Best & Fairest - Austen Flint
Runners Up Best & Fairest - Martin Coventry, Luke Mooney, Alex McPhee
Best Non-Australian - Alex McPhee
Best at Nationals - Austen Flint
Coach's Award - Luke Mooney
Most Courageous - Ryan Coil
Rookie of the Year - Scott Waggener
Most Improved - Erik Anderson
Clubperson of the Year - Brandon Snider
Golden Boot - Mike Borenstein

Sockeyes Awards:
Best & Fairest - Hollie Petrie
Runner Up Best & Fairest - Lucy Parrington and Simone Shepherd
Rookie of the Year - Hollie Petrie
Most Improved Player - Lauren Williams
Coach's Award - Heather Serpico
Golden Boot - Heather Serpico
Most Courageous - Jessica Detwiler

PAFL Metro:
Coach's Award - Erik Anderson, Jake Smithers, Tyson Okely, Phil Marshall
Best & Fairest - Erik Anderson
Leading Goalkickers - Tyson Okely and Dave Quinn


Men's Awards:
Player of the Year - Kendall Hutchings
Nationals MVP - Ed Manning
Coach's Award - Sean Sears
Golden Boot - Colby Campbell
Most Improved - Traxel Towe
Rookie of the Year - Timothy Peterson

Women's Awards:
Player of the Year - Rosemary Kloh
Nationals MVP - Rosemary Kloh
Coach's Award - Christine Flok and Amanda FLok
Golden Boot - Elizabeth Danielson
Most Improved - Jessica Smith
Rookie of the Year - Anysia Avila

SacAFL Metro Awards:
Best & Fairest, Male - Saleh Tyebjee
Runner Up Best & Fairest, Male - Kelly Neriano
Best & Fairest, Female - Christine Flok
Runner UP Best & Fairest, Female - Amanda Flok
Leading Goalkickers - Colby Campbell and Amanda Flok

Club Awards:
Life Members - Matt Bishop, Amy Bishop, and Saleh Tyebjee
Clubperson of the Year - Makenzie Carr


Men's Awards:
'Jim Trenerry' Best & Fairest - James Conrick
Rookie of the Year - Rob Munn
Coach's Award - Max DePina
Most Improved - Tom Mulvey
Most Courageous - Ken Vartanian
Lead Goalkicker - 'Tex' Edmonds
Defender of the Year - Matt Zapel
Nationals MVP - Alex Jessup

Women's Awards:
Best and Fairest - April Lewis
Rookie of the Year - April Lewis
Coach's award - Tegan Hamilton
Most Improved - Nicole Kepron
Most Courageous - April Lewis
Lead Goalkicker - Marian Dickinson
Defender of the Year - Amelia Kahr
Nationals MVP - Marian Dickinson

Club Awards:
Women's Founder - Valerie Barber-Axthelm
President's Award - Kiel Rasp and Matt Hocking
Clubman of the Year - David Tomaselli and Adrian de Booy

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