Statistical Office of Republic of Slovenia : In Slovenia in 2018 more than 21.3 million tonnes of goods were carried by train

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07/12/2019 | 10:59 am

Rail infrastructure
The railway network in the Republic of Slovenia consists of 1,209 km of railway lines, of which 330 km of lines are double tracks and 610 km are electrified. Slovenian Railways possesed 307 tractive vehicles, 155 of them were locomotives, 152 railcars, 347 passenger vehicles and 2,748 freight wagons, which is 1% less than in year 2017. There were 251 freight wagons in private property, which is 8% less than in year 2017.

Rail goods transport
In 2018 more than 21.3 million tonnes of goods were carried by train and almost 5,151 million tonne-kilometres were performed. Compared with 2017, the railway goods transport expressed in tonnes and in tonne-kilometres stayed at the same level. 86% of goods were carried in the international transport, including transit.
Considering the type of goods most so-called other goods (unidentifiable goods in containers and a mixture of types of goods) were carried by train (36.1%, expressed in tonnes, and 41.9%, expressed in tonne-kilometres). Second most carried type of goods were coal, gas, petrol and refined products. They represented 19.1% expressed in tonnes, and 17.7%, expressed in tonne-kilometres. Third most carried type of goods were mining and quarrying (17.1%, or 14.6%).
In 2018 more than 1.8 million tonnes of dangerous goods were carried by train, which is 3% less than in 2017. The share of flammable liquids was 90%.


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