Spotify, Intel, Walmart: Top Trending Financial Tweets - Week 14

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04/06/2018 | 12:12 pm
Welcome back to our weekly recap of financial Tweets. We’ve got news about robot bees, sugar tax, Intel and more, so here goes: this week’s selection of 7 top trending financial Tweets.

#7 US Markets start with losses

On Easter Monday, the US indices were down. The S&P dropped 3%, the Dow Jones lost 750 points and the Nasdaq entered correction territory led by Amazon.

Amazon stock fell after a Tweet on Saturday by Donald Trump saying the e-commerce giant was scamming the US Postal Service. It wasn’t the first time that mister Trump took to Twitter to share his dismay about the company.

The POTUS accuses Amazon – among other things – of not paying enough sales tax. 

#6 Intel down more than 7.6%

Also on Monday, unfortunate news for Intel. Shares of the tech company and chipmaker were down more than 7.6% after reports about Apple moving from Intel chips to its own Mac chips.

Intel shares eventually closed at $48.92, down 6.1%.   

#5 Spotify breaks records

On Tuesday, Spotify’s long-awaited – and much talked about – direct listing became a fact. And a record-setting one at that. The world’s leading streaming music service completed the largest-ever direct listing and valued the company at $30 billion by doing so.

Spotify shares opened at $165.90, almost 26% higher than the reference price of $132 set by NYSE on Monday. Ultimately the price fell to $149.01 at the closing of the markets. 

#4 Walmart’s Robot Bees

Walmart may help save the planet, or at least the pollination ecosystem. It turns out the retail giant has filed a patent for robot bees, also known as pollination drones. 

Last month we saw drones ‘walking’ the catwalk in Milan, showing the latest handbag collection from Dolce & Gabbana, this month we’ve got robot bees ready to pollinate our crops, I wonder what’s next?

#3 Chicago Stock Exchange acquired by Intercontinental Exchange

On Thursday, there was news from Chicago. After a two-year sale process, the 136-year-old Chicago Stock Exchange is now going to be acquired by the Intercontinental Exchange.

#2 Commodity markets hit

The end of the tariff slapping is not yet in sight. China is not taking the US measures lying down and announced plans for new tariffs this week. One of them is a 25% tariff on soybeans, an announcement that pulled the price of soybeans down more than 4%.  

#1 The UK’s sugar tax

On Friday, another thing that’s been much talked about finally turned into effect: the UK’s soft drinks industry levy, better known as the sugar tax.

The tax measure is part of the government’s plans to fight childhood obesity - something that affects one-third of the children in England. The idea is for the tax to push soft drinks producers to reduce the amount of sugar in their drinks.  

That’s the first April wrap-up all done. Of course, we’ll keep on top of the latest Tweets and we’ll continue to bring you the most trending financial micro-messages from the web. See you back here next Friday.
Neelie Verlinden
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