Small Businesses in Limbo as They Await Coronavirus Assistance

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03/27/2020 | 12:16 am

By Kristin Broughton


Small businesses are trying to defer bills and secure emergency loans to stay afloat amid the coronavirus scourge as they await relief earmarked specifically for them in the $2 trillion stimulus package working its way through Congress.

The bill, approved by the U.S. Senate Wednesday and now awaiting action in the House of Representatives, also would provide an infusion of capital to small businesses deserted by clientele or shuttered as a result of lockdowns aimed at slowing the advance of the virus.

"We're nervous," said Maurice Brewster, chief executive of RM Executive Transportation Inc., a San Jose, Calif.-based ground transportation provider that does business as Mosaic Global Transportation. "A lot of business--my sized business, small-, medium-sized business--we're primed to go out of business."


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