Prime Minister Ludovic Orban attended the Independence Day Reception hosted by the U.S. Embassy in Romania

07/03/2020 | 07:20am

Speech by Prime Minister Ludovic Orban at the 2020 Independence Day Reception hosted by U.S. Embassy in Romania

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Ludovic Orban: Your Excellency, President of Romania Klaus Iohannis, Your Excellency, U.S. Ambassador, H.E. Mr Adrian Zuckerman, dear guests, I am very pleased to be with you on this happy occasion for our American partners and friends, the 244th Anniversary of the United States of America's Declaration of Independence. I want to thank you, Mr Ambassador, for the invitation. On my behalf and on behalf of the Government of Romania, I would like to wish you Happy Independence Day! Such an occasion reminds us of the importance of the Strategic Partnership between the United States and Romania and the fact that this is based on the solid foundation of the universal principles enshrined in the Declaration of Independence and which have proved their universal value and are largely shared by the entire Romanian society. As Head of the Executive, I consider that principles and values gain strength and sustainability through constant efforts and mutually beneficial cooperation. This is the reason why the programme for government lays special emphasis on concrete aspects regarding deepening and expanding the Strategic Partnership between the United States of America and Romania.

We set out from the outset that our foreign policy rests on three pillars conferring stability and predictability, further strengthening and expanding the Strategic Partnership with the United States, increased role of Romania's contribution and profile in the European Union and NATO. Intensive and effective bilateral cooperation with the United States is not limited to foreign and security policy. Our strategic partnership has proven its effectiveness and flexibility by quickly adapting to the special circumstances we are going through. We were able to quickly reorient our working and communication methods, ensuring the continuity and fluency of the bilateral strategic dialogue; we have expanded our areas of cooperation by managing the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. It is enough to mention here the transport supported by the United States of America of essential protective equipment and also helping ensure the repatriation of Romanian and American citizens. Last but not least, I would like to mention the send-off of the Romanian military team to Alabama, for exchange of experience and support offered to help fight the pandemic. The Romanian Government will continue to pursue the deepening of political-military and security cooperation, with a focus on the Black Sea region, of strategic importance for transatlantic security. We want to intensify cooperation with the United States of America to ensure energy security, and also for the effective development of Romania's civilian nuclear capabilities to produce energy. We also maintain a constant dialogue in the field of cybersecurity, including opportunities to develop digital infrastructure and communications networks. At the same time, the Government I am leading has pursued a consistent development of the economic and investment dimension of the bilateral Strategic Partnership, not least by promoting economic policies designed to provide predictability and transparency likely to increase the attractiveness of the overall investment climate in Romania. I would like to believe that, along with my Cabinet colleagues, I have made a conclusive demonstration of the fact that Romania is a country you can count on, with huge development potential, and a predictable partner in terms of strategic orientation. This is the message that we have constantly sent to the representatives of all American companies with whom we have had the opportunity to enter into dialogue and cooperate. The Government will continue to support the development of the business sector in Romania, in the spirit of the free market economy and entrepreneurship, without neglecting for a moment our duty to all our citizens, especially in this difficult context in which we all find ourselves.

Ladies and gentlemen, I can assure you that Romania, a strong strategic partner of the United States of America and a country deeply attached to the consolidation of the transatlantic relationship, both in the form of the North Atlantic Alliance and of the US-EU cooperation, will act further to intensify this relationship. Romania is and will continue to be one of the reliable allies of the United States; it is a natural choice based on common values, ideals and interests shared by our peoples. I am convinced that our partnership will continue to grow, boosted by the friendship and relations between our citizens and the authorities of the two countries, as well as between Romanian and American companies and investors and university and civic organizations in our countries. I would like to believe that both parties are aware of the special stakes of attaining common security and prosperity goals. In conclusion, I want to reassure you that you will always find in the Romanian Government an attentive interlocutor dedicated to the development of our joint projects. Happy Independence Day! And I can't help but say that I'm glad to be with the President of Romania and the Ambassador of the United States of America, a first somehow for recent years when the President and the Prime Minister have rarely attended an event together. And I am glad that the boycotts of political forces that, for obscure and incomprehensible reasons, refused to attend the national holiday celebrations of the United States and our most important partners, ended. Thank you!


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