News Highlights : Top Global Markets News of the Day

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07/12/2019 | 09:15 am

Global Stocks Tick Higher After Dow Closes Over 27000

Asian and European stocks rose at the end of a week that saw central banks in both the U.S. and Europe setting the stage for looser monetary policy.

IEA Holds Global Oil Demand Growth Forecasts

The world's requirement for OPEC crude is set to fall to a 16-and-a-half-year low next year as supply from the U.S. rises, according to the IEA's latest oil market report.

Fed's Williams Joins With Other Officials Leaning Toward Rate Cuts

New York Fed President John Williams said the case for lowering short-term interest rates is getting stronger, opening the door to his support for easier monetary policy at the end of this month.

Fed's Bostic Untroubled by Inflation, Demurs on Rate-Cut Prospects

Atlanta Fed leader Raphael Bostic declined to say what he wants to see the U.S. central bank do with its short-term rate target at the end of the month but indicated he isn't currently worried about inflation levels.

Fed Group Proposes Adjustable-Rate Mortgages Using Libor Replacement

A financial industry group is proposing to use a new benchmark designed by the Federal Reserve for adjustable-rate mortgages, replacing the troubled London interbank offered rate.

Calpers Fell Short of Its Own Goals in Fiscal 2019

The nation's largest pension fund fell just short of its investment target in fiscal 2019, underlining the difficulty of earning the kind of returns state and local funds need to pay future benefits.

Bank of Mexico Minutes Show Rate Cuts on the Radar

As one member of the Bank of Mexico's board voted to start cutting rates last month, another said the central bank would need to start an easing cycle soon if inflation continues moving toward its target, minutes show.

Justice Department Extends Compliance Breaks to Antitrust Offenders

The U.S. Justice Department will begin rewarding companies that have systems in place to prevent antitrust crimes at the time a breach occurs, according to a senior official.

Fed's Powell Says Facebook's Libra Raises 'Serious Concerns'

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell and legislators in both parties expressed broad concern about Facebook's plan to create a cryptocurrency-based payment network.

The Price of Recycled Paper Is Weighing Down This REIT

Data storer and paper shredder Iron Mountain was the S&P's biggest loser Thursday.

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