News Highlights: Top Financial Services News of the Day

07/01/2020 | 12:16 am
EQT Sets EUR12.5 Billion Goal for Its Fifth Infrastructure Fund 

The firm's next infrastructure pool would be its biggest yet and follows a record year for infrastructure fundraising in 2019.

Carlyle Group to Acquire 25% Stake in Airtel's Data-Center Business 

Entities affiliated to the Carlyle Group will invest $235 million for 25% stake in Nxtra Data Ltd., a wholly owned unit of Bharti Airtel

Fed Keeps Options Open on Yield Caps 

The Federal Reserve is unlikely to cap short-term Treasury yields as part of its initial package of economic stimulus measures, instead reserving the option to cap yields later.

Fed's Williams: Economy Has Likely Seen 'Low Point' in Continuing Crisis 

Federal Reserve Bank of New York leader John Williams said the economy may have already seen the worst of the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, even as significant uncertainty looms.

Eileen Murray to Lead Finra, Wall Street's Self-Regulatory Arm 

The former co-chief executive of Bridgewater, the world's largest hedge fund, will take over as chairperson of Finra, Wall Street's self-regulatory arm.

Companies Hit by Covid-19 Want Insurance Payouts. Insurers Say No. 

A potentially $100 billion battle looms over "business interruption" coverage, which insurers say doesn't apply unless there is physical damage, like from a fire. In the thick of the fight is a New Orleans plaintiffs' lawyer who made his mark in the aftermath of hurricanes.

Labor Department Proposes Fiduciary Exemption for Retirement Plans 

The proposed new rule for retirement accounts would allow brokers and other types of financial advisers to provide fiduciary advice and still receive commissions in some cases. Consumer advocates say the proposed regulation would weaken standards.

Who Says Emerging Economies Shouldn't Print Money? 

Activist central banks aren't just a rich-nation story anymore. Emerging markets are reclaiming their right to play with money too-and it is probably a good thing.

Fed Backstop Fueled Corporate Bond Surge 

The Fed's intervention to cushion the economy this spring created an unusual paradox in the corporate bond market, with investors buying record amounts of new bonds from U.S. companies even as defaults and ratings downgrades surged.

Second Chance at Aid for Small Businesses Draws Support 

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin says he intends to work with Congress to help pass additional legislation to steer remaining funds from the PPP to the small businesses hit hardest by the pandemic.


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