Netflix & Twitter to finally join the S&P

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06/05/2018 | 03:06 pm
Goodbye Monsanto! The GMO giant steps aside to let Twitter enter the S&P 500 and Netflix the S&P 100. Both companies now play in the big league next to their tech or media peers – Apple, Facebook, Disney…

Right before the market opening on Thursday, Twitter inc. will join the famous S&P 500, replacing Monsanto. The latter is soon to be bought by the German conglomerate Bayer AG. This announcement is quite unusual because companies are supposed to report four straight quarters of positive profits before joining the index. The social media firm has not yet achieved this goal, but according to their last annual report, 2018 will be Twitter's first full profitable year!

Netflix continues its successful path and will now become part of the top 100 listed companies of Wall Street, replacing Monsanto as well. With a gigantic increase of 36.000% since 2002, Netflix seems unstoppable and recently became the biggest media company in terms of market capitalization, overtaking Disney.

Since 2016, Twitter and Netflix both considerably outperform the S&P 500.
Floriane Rousseaux
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