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01/14/2018 | 10:34 am

SIRTE OIL COMPANY for Production, Manufacturing of Oil & Gas announces Extendingbidding of the following project:

Project Title &Description

Project No.

T.D. Fees

(Libyan Dinars)

Last day for bid submission


12:00 PM


Roof Cladding Replacement of P.C. Maintenance Workshop & Refurbishment of Planning offices: (New Project)

The work shall include but not be limited to the following: Replacement of roof and wall Covers, Purlins, Flashings, Ridge vents, Gutters, Down Spouts, Repair of Main Doors and Cars Shelter.

Repair of PC Planning Offices related to the Workshop. (As per details mentioned in the scope of work).




February 18th


We urge specialized companiesthat consider themselves qualified to execute the above-mentioned project, and wish to participate, to contact Secretariat of S.O.C Main Tenders Committee, at Marsa El-Brega to purchase tender document (s) at non-refundable indicated fee against the project, payment by Cash or certified cheque. The following documents are required:-

  • A copy of the Company's Commercial Register (Valid).
  • A copy of a valid License to Run Business.
  • A copy of a valid certificate proving payment of tax.
  • Financial position of the Company for the last three years.
  • A Copy of the Authorization given by the Ministry for Economy and Trade to carry out Business in Libya (for Foreign Companies Only).
  • A Prove of Ability & Experience to carry out the required work.

-Tender documents can be purchased weekdays (Sunday-Thursday) during working hours, (10:00 to 12:00 Libya Time) as from:

Monday January 08th,2018 until Sunday January 21st. , 2018.

For any information or clarifications, please contact the following telephone numbers:

Direct phone & fax 00218- 064-7623113

Or through telephone exchange 00218 61 2230216 - 25 ext. 22053 & 22054. Mobile 0925763652

You can also visit SOC website ( and National Oil Corporation site

Or Contact us on the following e-mail address (


-Bids must be in full compliance with the tender specifications and conditions provided with it. Any bids not in compliance will be ignored.

-Bids must be submitted in two separate well sealed envelopes and stamped by the Company's official stamp. The project title & project reference number must be written on both envelops.

  • The first envelop contains the Technical offer (1 Original + 2 Copies + One CD) and the Un-priced Commercial Tender (1 Original )
  • The second envelope contains the Commercial offer (1 Original+ 1 copy).

-A certified cheque (Bid Bond) issued by a known bank operating in Libya, worth (0.5%) of bid price must be also submitted in a separate sealed envelope. Bid offers not containing certified cheqes will be rejected. Cheques will be cancelled and returned to unsuccessful bidders, after award of the bid.

-Winner of the bid must submit a certified cheque worth 10% of contract price agreed to, as a final insurance, within 10 days of notification of contract award and will be returned to the contractor after one year of completing the project. The initial (0.5%) cheque will be cancelled and returned to bidder.

-Bids MUST be delivered to the office of the Secretary of S.O.C Main Tenders Committee, at Marsa El-Brega.

-Companies interested in purchasing tender documents should present a letter authorizing their representative by name, to receive the document on behalf of the company, and copy of representative's passport including a copy of the entry stamp should be sent to SOC Main Tenders Committee 72hours before arrival to Brega, in order to issue necessary Oilfield passes.

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