NOC National Oil : Closing the awareness campaign on ionizing radiation, its risks and the preventive measures against it

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11/11/2017 | 05:08 pm

Within NOC's interest in awareness-raising among the employees of the oil sector and in order to protect them from the ionizing radiation and raise awareness of its dangers and how to deal with it in a safely manner, and in presence of Mr. Khaled Bukhatwa General Manager of Health, Safety, Environment, Security and Sustainable Development, Mr. Abderrizag Ben Yousef General Manager of Human Resources and Dr. Salem Alabani Manager of Center of Radioactive Measurement and Training at Atomic Energy Establishment, the awareness campaign (Ionizing Radiation- Risks and Preventive Measures) which was held at NOC premises for 6 weeks, came to a conclusion on Tuesday 07/11/2017.

During that period many valuable lectures were given presenting radiation, its risks, how to manage radioactive waste and transport it and ways for protection against it.

Certificates of thankfulness and appreciation were awarded to the Center of Radioactive Measurement and Training and to all participants and superintendents for their efforts in this campaign.

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