NASDAQ 100: Driven by the prospects of rate cuts

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06/19/2019 | 05:05 pm
Technological stocks are returning to full speed near their highest historical highs. Recent statements by central bankers favoring monetary easing are encouraging investors to reallocate some of their assets to riskier investments.

As part of the Nasdaq100, some weekly routes show tonicity. This is the case with Facebook, which is up 8%. The action has been very much surrounded since the presentation of its virtual currency project "Libra". Tesla is not to be outdone and is valued at 5.7% over the same weekly sequence, as the manufacturers of electric vehicles gain in productivity.

Graphically, in daily data, prices are propelled above the 50-day moving average that served as resistance to the advance set up from the low 7000 point zone. The next test of the upper bounds such as 7725 points, then by extension 7845 points, should be carried out quickly. It would take a sharp decline below 7300 points to switch to a more negative pattern.
Patrick Rejaunier 2019
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