GLOBAL MARKETS LIVE: Twitter sparks Donald Trump’s fury

05/27/2020 | 10:04am

Another session rich in news, with company results and business takeovers (Apple, Disney, Google). Donald Trump is furious that Twitter flashed one of its tweets.

Earnings season. Royal Bank of Canada, Autodesk, HP Inc, NetApp, Aroundtown, Britvic, LDC, and Encavis are due to report their earnings today.

Twitter under fire.  Donald Trump threatened to regulate or even completely shut down social network operators after Twitter added a warning to one of its messages urging readers to check the truth of the US president's claims. Twitter stock is down.

Rough Friday. Boeing is expected to announce major staff reductions this week, according to its unions. The manufacturer announced last month that it plans to cut about 10% of its 160,000 employees worldwide. The unions are expecting a communication on Friday.

Air puzzle. Airbus and Boeing were working on cabin solutions to accommodate Covid-19's long-term presence. According to the Wall Street Journal, the two groups are working with their equipment manufacturers and various academic bodies to find the best solutions to disinfect the cabins between flights, renew the air, and propose solutions to airlines.

Zoox at Amazon? is in advanced discussions to acquire autonomous vehicle specialist Zoox, according to the Wall Street Journal. The price would be lower than the $3.2 billion valuation reached in a 2018 financing round.

Italy in support. Intesa is releasing a €6.3bn guaranteed loan to Fiat Chrysler. Information obtained by Reuters suggests that the company has given a preliminary green light. The loan will become final when the car manufacturer has finalized the documentation.

This is the recovery. Walt Disney wants to gradually reopen its Florida fleet. Apple has already opened a hundred stores in the United States. Across the Atlantic, the National Hockey League will resume with a special format.

IPO in sight. Warner Music is going to offer 70 million shares between USD 23 and USD 26 each for its IPO, that is to say $1.8 to $2.1 billion worth of shares, but without raising funds, since it is an investment by existing shareholders. Warner Music is the world's number three in the industry.

In other news. The RAG Foundation is selling approximately 5 million Stadler Rail shares. Infineon launches a capital increase of €1 billion, to repay part of the loans taken out to finance Cypress Semiconductor. Google is going to open its offices again, with a planned 30% of its staff on site in September. Ryanair will appeal against Germany's aid plan to Lufthansa. Barry Callebaut strengthens its position in Australia.

Romain Fournier
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