Apple, Sterling, Global Debt : Top Trending Financial Tweets - Week 15

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04/13/2018 | 01:57 pm
We’ve had yet another event-filled week drawing to a close. From Apple going green to the pound’s April boost : here’s this week’s selection of top trending financial tweets.

#7 Alibaba’s funding round

The Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba is moving into the artificial intelligence business. According to the Wall Street Journal, the company heads a $600 million funding round in the Chinese startup SenseTime Group Ltd.

The latter develops surveillance systems that use facial recognition for law enforcement and commercial applications.

#6 Turkish lira weakens

On Wednesday, the Turkish lira dropped to a record low against the dollar and the euro. According to the Hurriyet Daily News, the fall of the currency is due to - among other things - increased investor concerns about the outlook for the country’s monetary policy and inflation.

#5 Global Debt to Record Highs

A dubious 2017 record went into the books this week: according to an analysis by the Institute of International Finance, our global debt level rose to an unprecedented $237 trillion last year, more than $70 trillion higher than the decade before.

#4 Sprint & T-Mobile merger talks

After a five-month break from their merger talks, Sprint and T-Mobile resumed their negotiations this week. Following the news about their restarted talks, the shares of Sprint and T-Mobile were up respectively more than 20 and nearly 7%. 

#3 Brent crude oil highest since December 2014

Another record was set on Wednesday. This time it was the oil price that jumped up. Reuters reports that US crude prices hit their highest level in more than three years.

The news came after Saudi Arabia said it had intercepted missiles of Riyadh and a warning from Donald Trump to Russia about imminent military action in Syria. 

#2 Apple goes green

A big, green milestone for Apple this week. According to CNN tech, the California-based tech giant announced that from now on all of its retail stores, data centers and corporate offices run on 100% clean energy.

In numbers, this achievement includes facilities in 43 countries and various clean energy sources (wind, solar and new concepts).

#1 The pound’s April boost

On Friday, the British sterling reached its highest level since January. The pound went up to $1.4295 sparking different reactions from banks. According to the Financial Times, analysts at Commerzbank didn’t understand the trader’s willingness to ignore Brexit risks, while people at ING believe that Brexit is yesterday’s news for currency traders.

One way or the other though, the pound is up. At least for now anyway. 

Voila, that’s another week captured in Tweets. As always, we’ll continue to track Twitter and bring you the top financial micro-messages from the web. See you back here next week.

Neelie Verlinden
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