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01/05/2018 | 07:15 pm
Tim Cook

Boeing Tries to Overcome Brazil's Resistance to Embraer Takeover

Boeing Co. is in discussions with Embraer SA and the Brazilian government on ways to address the government's concerns about the U.S. planemaker's potential takeover of its Brazilian rival, according to people familiar with the matter.

Tim Cook Stumbles at His Specialty, Shipping Apple Products on Time

Under CEO Tim Cook, Apple has been late shipping new devices, delayed by factors including a large and growing global customer base, and more sophisticated technology.

Ripple Steals Bitcoin's Thunder, Surges 1,184% in a Month

The digital currency offered by the San Francisco startup Ripple has soared 1,184% in the past month, becoming the second-largest crypto-asset. While such moves by virtual currencies have become almost normal, Ripple's move is surprising because of its differences with bitcoin.

Businesses Rush to Contain Fallout From Major Chip Flaws

Businesses and institutions raced to patch computer systems as they tried to gauge the fallout from the disclosure this week of two, long-hidden vulnerabilities affecting chips running most of the world's computers.

Why the U.S. Suspects Kaspersky's Software Is a Russian Spy Tool

U.S. officials haven't offered conclusive evidence that antivirus products made by Kaspersky Lab were behind national-security breaches, but a series of incidents drove them to raise alarms about the Russian security-software company.

No Longer A Unicorn, Jessica Alba's Honest Co. Struggles to Grow

Sales growth at the Honest Company stalled in 2017, as product woes continued and the consumer-goods startup co-founded by actress Jessica Alba lost its unicorn status, according to people familiar with the matter.

Uber Co-Founder Kalanick Plans to Sell 29% of His Shares in Company

Travis Kalanick plans to make the sale as part of a broader investment deal led by SoftBank Group. Mr. Kalanick, who holds about 10% of Uber, had previously indicated he wouldn't sell shares into the offer.

Norway's Statoil Expects to Benefit From U.S. Tax Overhaul

Norway's Statoil said the reduction in the U.S. corporate-tax rate from 35% to 21% will benefit the oil-and-gas giant.

6 Berkshire Products You Can Buy for One Berkshire Share

At $300,000 per share, Berkshire Hathaway's stock can buy a lot. From t-shirts to diamond bracelets, here are some ways to spend the money at Berkshire-owned businesses.

Tight Trucking Market Has Retailers, Manufacturers Paying Steep Prices

Retailers and manufacturers grappling with an unusually tight trucking market are paying the steepest prices in years to keep their goods moving.

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