Altice's owner Drahi says Huawei 5G equipment are the best

07/30/2020 | 12:16pm
Patrick Drahi

Huawei is the best equipment maker when it comes to 5G mobile gear, the majority-owner of Altice Europe said on Thursday amid growing pressure from the United States on Europe to avoid the Chinese firm's products.

Sources told Reuters last week that France, where Altice Europe owns the second-biggest telecoms operator SFR, was effectively aiming to phase out Huawei from mobile networks.

SFR uses Huawei equipment on its mobile network.

"For me, Huawei, are the best," Franco-Israeli tycoon Patrick Drahi told analysts in a call. "They are not the cheapest... but they are the best."

"I am not in charge of national security. If the government does not want that we use such or such provider, that is fine," he added. "This is very political. It is in discussions. I am optimistic."

(Reporting by Matthias Blamont; editing by Diane Craft; Writing by Mathieu Rosemain)

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