Former HSBC chairman Douglas Flint joins Fintech fund's advisory board

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12/06/2017 | 03:32 pm
Douglas Flint
LONDON (Reuters) - Former chairman of HSBC Douglas Flint has joined the advisory council of Motive Partners, an investment firm specialising in financial technology companies.

Motive partners announced the hire on Wednesday. Its other high-profile members of the advisory council include former United States Treasury Secretary Larry Summers, Microsoft Corp Chairman John Thompson and former chief technology officer of Goldman Sachs Paul Walker.

The advisory council members will provide Motive and the companies it invests in with advice on its strategy, the fund said.

Flint left HSBC on Sept. 30, after more than 20 years at Europe's biggest bank.

(Reporting By Lawrence White, editing by Anjuli Davies)

Stocks treated in this article : Microsoft Corporation, HSBC Holdings
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