S&P 500

Delayed USA - 11/11 11:04:39 pm

Slight increase after the first quarterly results

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10/15/2019 | 08:57 am
Opinion : Check out the trading range breakout 2950 / 2993 
Relating trade advances between Pékin and Washington, the S&P500 index experienced some dislocations yesterday (-0.14% to 2966 points), after recording 0.6% last week.   The US index should open up by 0.25% today, with the opening of the season of quarterly results. JPMorgan has revealed figures higher than expected, the stock is up by nearly 2% in electronic trading. On the other hand, Wells Fargo, Jonhson & Johnson and Citigroup seem to have defected. Graphically, no change, as recently mentioned, we will wait until the 2950/2993 points are out before acting in either direction.    
Laurent Polsinelli
Zonebourse.com 2019
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